Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WFMW - Peer Flix

Do you have any DVDs you are ready to part with? Peerflix makes it easy to get rid of the ones you are tired of and get new ones.

I make a list of the movies I want to sell and another list of the movies I want to buy. When Peerflix sees someone wants to buy one of my movies, they send me an email. I print out a mailing envelope (just a piece of paper that has lines where to fold it) with prepaid postage and pop it into the mail. I earn dollars for each one I sell. Then Peerflix sees what I want to buy and someone else does the same for me. It works for me!

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Anonymous said...

i think you would really like

its free to use and you can not only switch dvds but also cds, games and books!

Rodger said...

Check out iLetYou. You can rent DVDs and Games for $2 (and sometimes less with bundle discounts) and also start your own rental store as well.

It's an economical way of seeing more movies instantly without having to send out something of yours first. You can quickly start your store to make money from your collection as well!

Beach Girl said...

Hmmm.....I am going to have to check all of these out!