Friday, February 22, 2008

What kind of shoe am I

Got this from Notes from the Laundry Pile again!

And I agree with her, I wanted the well-covetted barefoot. I am a barefoot fiend, as well.

You Are Cowboy Boots

This doesn't mean you're country, just funky.

You've got a ton of attitude and confidence.

You're unique, expressive, and even a little bit wacky.

You wear whatever you feel like รข€“ and you have your own sense of style.

You are straight shooting and honest. You tell people how it is.

Low maintenance and free wheeling, you're always up for an adventure.

You should live: Where you can at least get to wide open spaces

You should work: In a job that allows you to take change

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a quick post! Got this from Notes from the Laundry Pile...and had to see what I was. I will write more tomorrow!

I'm a Ford Mustang!

You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Monday, February 11, 2008

At least she's got aspirations....

Here's my latest installment in "Stories of my cute kids"

Yesterday we got Kaedra all ready for church including the (seldom used) coat which thrilled her to no end. She was off of her vent to walk into the garage and get in the car. However she decided on an alternate route. Oh she did walk into the garage and then bypassed the car and continued down the driveway. I watched her, slightly bemused, until she kept going INTO THE STREET. I have a medium long driveway, so I start yelling and running and she just turns around looking at me. I get over there, pick her up and ask her what she was doing.
"No, we're going to church..."
"Yeah (giving me a "DUH" look), me walk to church."
"well, that's all fine and dandy, but it's below freezing out here and I really think we should take the car."
"me walk"
By this time I was just laughing so hard that she started laughing and I got her in the car without further ado. (thank goodness. I could handle no more ado yesterday)

Soooooo, then we get OUT of church. She is once again off of her vent to walk to the car. We get outside and are walking towards the car when she starts turning in circles and asking "moon? moon?" I show her where the moon is and she gets VERY excited. In fact, so much so that she starts walking in that direction. I asked her "where are you going?" I got another "Duh" look and she said in her best teenage voice "to da moon!"

Well, of course....

(ps. I am adding this to Tiny Talk Tuesday which I just discovered thanks to a new commenter, Mighty Mom! Thanks MM! Go check out Not Before 7 to see other Tiny Talk Tuesday participants!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doodlebug Designs

Doodlebug Designs is new the the Blog Design business and she is giving away some really awesome prizes!!

1st Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized blog design for a blogger blog!

2nd Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized header for a blogger blog!

3rd Place Prize ~ 10% off any service!

Go to her page and check her new designs out!!

This one is one of my favorites.

Emily's "funnies"?

I forgot to tell y'all about Emily's lovely comments to me a few weeks ago. And these all happened in the space of 30 minutes!!!! (my comments are in the purple)

1. Your hair looks like you have a demon.
(and you have seen lots of demon possessed hair?)

2. When you tie my shoes like this I feel like you are my maid.
(and when I pick up after you all day, I feel like that too)

3. uh oh, I forgot the 3rd one. Maybe that is better..... for her, I mean! LOL

Okay, but I got her back.... unintentionally, but it was still good....

We were eating corn on the cob and she had just lost her two upper canines. She was having trouble eating it and said it was hurting her mouth. I asked her "Do you want me to cut it off?" And there was dead silence while her eyes got absolutely huge. This was when I realized she thought I meant cut her mouth off! ROFL! I quickly explained I just meant the corn. But at least I got her back for a minute...muwhahaha..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Getaway decided!

Thank you SOOOO much for all the people who sent in ideas for our romantic getaway! We are sooo excited..we found what we think is the PERFECT place.

DRUMROLL please.........

We are getting a cabin in Branson!

Some will find this funny, knowing that I am not a fan of Branson. (at least the shows) However, I DO like outlet malls and amusement parks, both of which Branson has. Michael was really leaning toward Dallas and I was really leaning AWAY from Dallas so I knew I had to come up with something good. The Holy Spirit helped me come up with a solution we both are so excited about!

If you click on the link above, you will go to pictures of the cabin. If you would like to see the virtual tour, click here.

Now I just have to get Ethan weaned! :-)

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!!

Ethan had his 1st birthday on February 2nd, Groundhog day. My parents came from Albuquerque to celebrate with him and Michael's mom, brother, sister in law and neices came too. It was great fun. :-)

As you can see, he was not shy with his cake! LOL.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Getaway ideas?

Michael and I are actually going on a 2 day getaway in March to celebrate our anniversary. We are trying to come up with ideas of where to go. We would like to stay in a *nice* hotel (willing to spend a little extra here). The only things I really want to do are go to a movie and go to a nice dinner (I know, I am pathetic…lol..but it is the simple things that make me happy ;-).

Now we just need to decide where to go. I didn’t even mind staying in town, but I don’t think Michael thinks that would be as much fun as getting away. He has put a vote in for Dallas. We looked into Eureka Springs (we looooove going there) but didn’t find any hotels that really were what we wanted. Soooo, I am asking you all….where would you go for a 2 day getaway with your hubby? Do you know of any really nice hotels? Any great touristy type places? It does need to be near enough we could drive from the Tulsa area.

Thanks so much!