Thursday, May 17, 2007

They are back!

Michael, Kaedra, and Kevin (Sherria's dad and Michael's brother)got back a bit after 9 last night. All the appointments went well. Kaedra's surgery is the only surgery on Monday, so it will be at 7am. They have to be in pre-op at 6am. Obviously, they are going to travel up to Kansas City the night before and stay the night. Looks like the Ronald McDonald house is full this time so they will probably be finding a hotel.

For those of you who don't know, Kaedra has Vertical Expanding Prosthetic Titanium Ribs (aka VEPTRs) which have to be expanded about every 6 months so she can keep growing. (she was born without most of her ribs on her left side. To see the rest of her story, you can click here)

Thanks for all the prayers! I will keep you updated on their trip up this weekend.


Trella said...

Thanks for the update! I will continue praying. Thanks also for posting where we can find more about her condition.

Christa said...

Praying for the easiest successful surgery possible and much grace for you all as you deal with the hospital staff. :)

Pen of Jen said...

I too will pray for your sweetie! I will also pray for travel mercies, for the family and for the medical staff.

Take Care and remember the blog world is here and praying for you:)

Susan said...

YEAH!!! Kahri, I'm SO glad you posted these links so new people can read about this VERY SPECIAL MIRACLE BABY who we love so dearly :o)
Susan (& Mickey too on this one!)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Kaedra is so beautiful. I love all the pictures you post of her. She has probably brought so much joy into your life.

I am glad the pre-op went well. We will keep you in our prayers for the actual operation. I hope it goes smoothly!