Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook 6/30/10

It's Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outside my window..Sun streaming through the windows.  Birds chirping. Green everywhere.

I am thinking... of how cute my littles are when they are working together.

I am thankful for...mercy and new beginnings. again and again.

From the learning room....nothing yet, but will be hopping in a few hours.

From the kitchen....going to make a green smoothie for breakfast, leftovers for the family for dinner and I am getting to go out to eat with a friend! :-)

I am wearing...jammies still

I am creating....going to work on a my mom's mother's day present today. Yes, I know it's late. Hopefully it will come out wonderfully and I will post pictures. :-)

I am clean up my house today, get school done, get my mom's present done and go out with my friend. Oh, stick a nap in there somewhere. 

I am currently reading... Heart of Wisdom by Robin Sampson (I read it about once a year, in the summer)

I am hoping...we hear our moving date soon

I am hearing....the children (now fussing...yeah, that whole working together thing was very short-lived)

Around the House.....a bit discombobulated since we went to Tulsa yesterday.

One of my favorite planning. Can't wait to get unpacked and have all my books out and ready so I can get next year planned!

A few plans for this week...Looking forward to spending 4th of July with a wonderful family!

from  my picture journal...

I miss my niece!!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Another personality test

(This post is for you, Susan!!)

Found this one at
The quiz is almost all about work decisions, so I had to reword them to work with my life.  However, I think the results came out really well, so I think it worked. :-)

Lead Role: Teacher
You begin by asking:
'What can she learn from this?'
Your focus is instinctively toward the other person. Not her feelings, necessarily, but her understanding, her performance, her skills.
Your best quality:
Your faith in the others’ potential
Tailor your style to each student
Be careful you:
Don’t come to believe that everyone is capable of everything
Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to facilitate the success of others.

Supporting Role: Motivator
You begin by asking:
'How can I raise the energy?'
You are acutely aware of the energy in the room, and you feel compelled to do what you can to elevate it. You do this with your outlook—you are an instinctively optimistic person.
Your best quality:
Your infectious energy
Step in and take responsibility for the group
Be careful you:
Don’t get sucked dry by emotional vampires
Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to keep a group of people excited.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook June 21, 2010

Outside my window...Beauty! A green tree with sunlight glowing through the leaves. Shadows from the tree and leaves dancing around the yard!

I am thinking... about a June Bug!

I am thankful for...Michael talking to his store manager today about our move!

From the learning room....just finished up school with the kiddos. Books closed and put on the shelf.

From the kitchen....making a steak and green bean frittata tonight (last night's leftovers!)

I am wearing... jammy shorts and a tank top. I also have a kitten sticker adorning me, thanks to Emily. :-)

I am creating....a crochet purse. I am about halfway done with the crochet part and am SO excited about it! I think it is going to be beautiful. Look below for a sneak peak.

I am going... to put my leg/foot up soon and put some ice on it. This is the longest I have been without it up for 10 days and it is starting to ache. But it is definitely getting much better!

I am currently reading... So long Insecurity by Beth Moore

I am hoping...we hear our moving date soon

I am hearing....the dishwasher (which shouldn't be on...silly thing turns on if you bump into it), my windchime and little else. Kids are outside playing in the sprinkler.

Around the House.....picked up mostly and awaiting the day when it can all be boxed up.

One of my favorite hubby's smile.

A few plans for this week...Not exactly sure. Packing? Going to Tulsa to visit? Hanging out with friends? We will see what the week brings. All I am sure of is school!

from my picture journal...
a sneak peek of my purse

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1958 Windjammer: Kari Waits For Me

I am so excited! this is the song where my parents got my name! There was a song called "Kari Waits for Me" in a 1958 Movie called Windjammer. I haven't been able to find any old copies of the movie or the song. I looked it up on a lark tonight on Youtube and found it!

(technical note: my parents put an "h" in the name to make it "Kahri" hoping that Americans would pronounce it with the "ah" sound instead of the long "a" sound. It didn't work.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

12 Things

12 Thoughts
Saw this over at Penless Writer's blog

1. I was so excited when I .... found out we would be moving back home!

2. If I had some "mad money" to spend right now, I'd buy..... curriculum for next year!

3. I really shouldn't have... stayed in my jammies all day

4. Anything sad that I read about..... makes me pray.

5. The antics of..... my children keep me in stitches.

6. Family is..... everything to me, next to Jesus.

7. I just cannot believe.... how many firsts Kaedra has had the last month.

8. I'm really looking forward to... moving home.

9. The weather right now has been.... muggy, hazy and hot.

10. My mood right now is... weary but prayerful.

11. I couldn't believe... how quickly this year has already gone.

12. And now I am going to... finish up school with Emily and get ready for dinner.

At The Foot of The Cross (Lyrics) Kathryn Scott

Got this from my friend Kathy's blog.
I wanted to put it on here so I wouldn't lose it. Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing Kathy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Personality Test

My friend Susan, Penless Writer, wrote about the Primary Colors Personality Test the she and her wonderful husband took. I thought it would be fun for Michael and I to take it.  Here are our results:

I tied between yellow and green.
Yellow is described as: 

Your Primary Personality is -- Yellow
These are the heart of our society. They are loyal and loving. They are dependable, prepared and punctual. They value relationships in their lives above everything else. They value home, family, and tradition.
They are emotional and supportive. They are pleasers who avoid confrontation at all costs. They are usually patient, great listeners and are warm and encouraging. They can have difficulty being assertive. They are usually easy-going.
They love peace and harmony and are the peacemakers within a group, family or work environment. They are sunshine on a dark day. They are faithful and stable when emotionally healthy, and they have a natural ability to create safety within a relationship. They are slow-paced, easy going people pleasers. They desire to serve and please with their only reward being one of appreciation.

Green is described as:
Your Primary Personality is -- Green
These are people that we might refer to as "Rocks of Gibraltar." They are fair and dependable. They are honest and stable. They are loving and reliable. They live their lives with a great deal of integrity.

They take a larger view of the world and see things from a reference of wholeness and completeness. They pride themselves in being able to see the "big" or "whole" picture. Their word has great value and they do not give it lightly. When they commit, their word is their bond. They are in a constant progression toward wholeness.
They love to categorize and view the world from a systems perspective. They enjoy consistency and like things that have a measure of predictability. They are empathetic but not overly sympathetic. They rebuke with without judgment, counsel with mild but strong hearts. They are temperate, modest and wise.

My secondary color was orange...described as:

These are our out-going, enthusiastic, center-stage people.
They act on a moments notice. They are witting, charming and spontaneous. They love to talk. They need variety, fun and stimulation. They are natural trouble-shooters and are good at flying by the seat of their pants.
They are great at motivating and inspiring others. They are great net-workers. They usually know a lot of people. They can be very loving and encouraging unless under pressure when they can use their verbal skills to attack. They have a strong desire to be liked and enjoy being the center of attention.
They are personable and are sensitive to the reactions of others, often taking things personally. They usually pay attention to style and trends (many times setting them). They can be the life of a party. They are great at inspiring and motivating others and thrive in an environment where they can have a voice in making major decisions.

Michael came out as a green with red as his secondary color.  
Here is the description or red:

The color red represents what we most often think of as born leaders. From a young age red personality types like to take charge. As children they create the rules to the games they invite others to play. Extreme red personality types can be characterized by the saying Its my way or the highway.
They usually gravitate to positions of authority. They can be bossy and over bearing. Red personality types are dominant personalities that are not easily intimidated. They resist being controlled by anyone. As children they are often thought of as strong-willed, forceful and determined.
Red personality types believe that the ability to solve problems and take charge of any given situation defines whether one is competent or not. Most red personality types are forceful in their approach to life.

Very interesting stuff.  For the most part, I agree with it all.

What do you come up with?

Friday, June 04, 2010

New use for our globe

Another Ethan funny (he is full of funniness!)

After he saw Daddy mowing the lawn, he wanted in on the action. Pretty soon we saw him zooming around the house with this:

He was rather hard to catch! I guess he has a rocket propelled mower! 

Little Chef in the making

So Ethan has a way of not taking "no" for an answer. I told him he would have to wait until lunchtime for someone to make him a pb&j sandwich. Well, that wasn't good enough for him. A few minutes later I heard some things being moved around and saw this:

on closer inspection:

needs to work on his coverage a little, don't ya think?

and maybe his cutting....

Well, at least he can take care of himself! :-)