Thursday, May 03, 2007


A couple of weeks ago at church, I took Ethan to the nursery to feed him. While in there, he tinkled all down the front of me. I was wearing a light colored dress so it was quite noticeable. As it was the beginning of the service and because we live so close, I decided to go home really quick and change. I asked a friend of mine to go ask Michael for the keys. She went into the service and quietly explained to Michael why I needed them. Not too long later, I came back to church a little fresher.

We have a family that is fairly new at our church that just moved here from England to go to Rhema Bible College. The mother had been sitting next to Michael when my friend asked him for the keys. After the service, she approached me and said,
"I hear you were baptized today!"
Having already forgotten about my little excursion, I looked at her questioningly.
"In WEE!" she said.

In wee, indeed.
(This is a story you will never live down, little man. We might have forgotten it, but you can thank a cute lady with a great accent for making it more all the more memorable.)


Susan said...

Such a cute story to go with this little cutie. You just need to learn boys have different plumming Kahri!!! he he (couldn't resist with the 3 girls)

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Anonymous said...

Funny story Kahri! The picture of Ethan is too cute! :-) ~Kim B.