Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On their way again

Well here is Part 2, subpart A of Kaedra's upcoming surgery.

Remember what happened last time?

Well this time they are on their way to Kansas City and I am fairly emotion-less. Maybe because they are just going for pre-op today and not the actual operation (which will be on Monday). They should be home this evening and then they will leave Sunday afternoon or early Monday depending on what time her surgery is slated.

Waving bye bye

Blowing kisses

Bye Bye Mommy!

(yes I know her hair is wild, I just figured it wouldn't look much better after a 4 hour car trip, so I will let Michael fix it when he gets there!)


The Zandi Zoo said...

She's getting so big, Kahri.
Praying for Miss Kaedy and her big trip. :-)

Amelia Antwiler said...

She's beautiful.
Love the blowing of kisses!!

I've never known anyone's hair to loook good after a 4 hour car trip.*L* Wise choice there...though, you already knew that.

NeeCee said...

I love her wild curls. They just make a person happy seeing them.

Trella said...

She is beautiful and I love her hair. She just makes you smile:)

Ruth said...

I will be praying for Kaedy's trip and upcoming operation. I well know how mentally stressful the days before surgery are. I'm just learning your story, so I'm not sure exactly what surgery she is having. I just remembering wanting them to come so it could get over, but then again I hoped they never came because who wants to let their child go through that?! Big hugs and prayers coming your direction!