Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We've had a nice few days. Sunday my neice, Sherria, took her grandma, her mom and me out for lunch at Applebees and then got us all manicures and pedicures. Can you say SPOILED? She made us all feel like princesses. It was her Mother's Day present for us and I really enjoyed the afternoon! Thank you, Ria!!

Tonight we had our homeschool "business" meeting. I haven't been to one since the beginning of the year so I really enjoyed seeing everyone again and meeting the newer people. It was fun and very relaxing; I am sorry it's the last for the year.

Brittany has been studying OK history for the past few months. I love the curriculum we are using. Cindy Downes, a local lady, wrote it and publishes it online. It is a very reasonable price and is chock full of great information. I am learning far more about OK history than I EVER knew about NM history! Brittany is finishing up the Plains Indians this week and we will move on to Railroads, Cattledrives, Cowboys and Outlaws next week.

Since we school year round, we are not nearing the end of our year as quickly as everyone else. We will finish up this school year the last week in July. The funny thing is our homeschool group has a wonderful year end program that we attend almost every year. The date of the program does not actually coincide with our year, so the girls get to "pretend" they are graduating a little early. Emily will even be wearing a cap and gown as she graduates from Kindergarten to 1st grade. It is always put on so beautifully and is so nice. It is one of my favorite things the group has.

Speaking of Emily, she is learning to tell time this week. What an exciting thing to learn! I think it is a big step in development. Before being able to tell time, things just happen at seemingly random intervals. Once you are able to tell time you are able to understand the structure of your day and even impose some kind of schedule of your own. That's a huge step! I think it is akin to potty training and reading.

Kaedra has been off her oxygen for 3 straight days. That's the longest she's been off since she got sick when Ethan was born. HALLELUJAH! She sucked on a some cheese puffs and a lollipop the other day, too. Baby steps, but we'll take them! She prays over all her own food. When you give her some she will speak gibberish over it and then say "Amen." She is such a little ham. She likes to keep us all laughing.

Ethan is really getting big. He has a pleasant disposition most of the time. He is very laid back. It's fascinating how even as babies, each child has their own personality. It seems their earliest personalities shed some light on what they will eventually be like. He loves to squeal and laugh. We frequently get sidetracked playing with him. Oh, but what a distraction! This time in his life will only happen once - I encourage the kids and Michael to play as long as he is willing. You will frequently find us in a circle around him trying to make him do a big belly laugh. He seems like he grew overnight. Literally one day his size 1 diapers fit, the next day he needed the bigger size! Same with his clothes.

Well, that's what's new in our life!


The Zandi Zoo said...

I LOVE updates!!! Sounds like things are great! Praise God!!

don't forget to take pics of Emily in her cap and gown. :-)

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you were at the meeting last night. During the season you were gone you were missed. Now it seems like everything is back to normal & comfy.

The Zandi Zoo said...

Oooh.. and I love the photo!!! SO sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good word about Oklahoma History Online! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Cindy Downes

Trella said...

I love the photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful treat and that things are going well.

Take pictures of the graduation.


Ruth said...

Oh what a nice Mother's Day present! Thanks for the update. Since I'm just getting to know your family, updates are "newdates"!

Pen of Jen said...

Praise God about the oxygen...My daughter spent quiet a while on O2 and thank God she is off now!
Baby steps in our minds are miles and miles for her, I am so happy for you all!

A&EMom said...

My baby just figured out how to smile. She seems to think it's funny how we react! It's a huge improvement over looking at us like we've got six heads!