Friday, November 12, 2010

My day in retrospect

Wow. I have the urge to blog. And it is about nothing. This makes me happy. :-) Now you know something new about me.

Tonight we had dirty rice. It was absolutely, positively, mouthwateringly delicious. I can't believe there is only one serving left.  I want need to make this again as soon as possible. Tomorrow is looking possible.

Before eating dinner, we went to Walmart. Kaedra had received money for her birthday so besides the usual shopping (because we had nothing to make dinner), getting new toothbrushes in our quest to rid our house of germs and picking up a prescription for Emily, she wanted to buy something with her money.  Luckily, being the smart mommy that I am, I knew that would be a long adventure, so I left Brittany and Emily in charge of that and Ethan and I took off to do shopping.  Emily needed some shoes (she always does...she has the oddest feet I know.  Well, I don't technically *know* her feet. If I did, it would be easier). We actually found her some today! YAY! They look like Dorothy's shoes from Oz, but they are black instead of red and they have no heel.  Okay, something about them reminds me of Dorothy's shoes...use your imagination.

Before Walmart, we went to our friends house to drop off Season 1 of the X-Files. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know I love the X-Files. Always happy to share my love with others, I am trying to infilitrate my friends' minds with x-file trivia and quotes so I can enjoy it more through them.  heeheehee. It is part of the conspiracy.  (see, there is a reference.)

It is so much fun to be at my friend's house. I love her boys and I love her and they all have my exact sense of humor.  I *try* to run in and out and I even leave the kids in the car, convincing myself I will only be a minute, but it never works. (don't worry, I leave Brittany in the car too....she can flag down someone for help if I never come out.) (Today the kids were in the car because both we and the Walenciaks are avoiding other families like the plague. Interesting word there. Plague. Yes, our families have both been hit by the stomach flu going around. We found out, the hard way, I might add, that you can get it twice.  So, many of us are doing what we can to stay away from others to both not infect and not become infected. we are using lots of hand sanitizers, lysol and I'm about to step it up to face masks.  jk.  sort of)  But they are too much fun.  Today's topic was movies.  We were discussing our favorites and I was getting pointers on what movies not to watch. I am also starting to watch Top Gear so I can have obscure Top Gear references to share with them.

Before the Walenciak's house, I was at home trying to deal with the doctor and nurse about Emily's medicine for a bladder infection. She started an antibiotic right before the stomach flu came sweeping through our house for the second time.  She was unable to finish the medicine, so I had to explain to them why they needed to give us another bottle. You would think I was asking for CRACK the way they grilled me about why she needed more.  It's Amoxicillin, folks!! I don't think we are making money selling it for street value here!!

Before that, I had about 5 moments to chat with Denise and catch up on her day.  Hopefully I can catch up with her later.  Did I mention she's a hoot? And another sweet friend and I got to catch up with a little bit of texting. I love being able to keep in touch with her through the week and even when I don't get to see her much.

Before that, the kids and I headed to the attic to find the winter clothes. We found the kids' clothes, but only found some of mine. With the way the movers labeled stuff, I am sure we will eventually find it in a box with "Auto Supplies" or some such tag on it.

Before that I took a nap.

Before that, I had a yummy yummy lunch of Indian (as in India) spiced Tilapia, polenta and peas. I know...weird combo. But it was sooo yummy.  I made it up last night when I had some Tilapia and was craving some Indian flavors. It came out great and my made up recipe is definitely a keeper. (at least for the nights when Michael isn't eating...he doesn't like Indian food, Last night he wasn't eating because lucky man that he was, he got the stomach flu too)

Before that, I had a talk with Kaedra's speech therapist. Kaedra had not been very interested in working with her yesterday and wouldn't work on any of her "homework" with me at all. I discussed it with Kaedy this morning and she told me that she no longer wants to learn to eat.  She doesn't even want to work on the non-eating activities like putting an empty spoon in her mouth. I called Kaedra's speech therapist this morning and told her the development. She is going to talk to a friend of hers that is a psychologist and see where to go from here. From what she had already learned, however, looks like Kaedra has a full blown phobia of eating (Phagophobia, I looked it up) and may need to see a psychologist as part of her therapy.  Something I had never thought of. Ya learn something new every day.

Before that, Emily had a horrible bout of pain from her bladder infection and was unable to A. quit crying and B. get off the potty. It made the morning rather interesting.

Before that, I got up from just a few hours sleep and had some yummy gluten free chocolate chip muffins Brittany had made. I just love muffins.  Muffins make me happy.

Before that, I was sleeping for a few hours.

Before that, I was up until 3 (and then Michael got up) with Ethan who awoke around midnight wide eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start his day.  WHA??? noooooo....this is SLEEPING time. Singing, rocking, being quiet: nothing worked. Eventually I gave up and we came downstairs.  I wish I could say I did something productive (like clean my house) during that time...but no, I just sat there and tried to stay awake so he didn't burn the house down. He did tell me a few times to quit snoring, so I don't think it was completely successful. However, in my semi-lucid awake moments, it did give me more time to pray.  I have many friends who need prayers right now. And praying is ALWAYS a good thing. :-)