Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rooster Day's Parade Photos

Michael and the big girls (and one of Brittany's friends who stayed overnight) were in the Rooster Day's Parade today. Kaedra, Ethan and I went and watched it with some other friends. Here are our photos! Enjoy!
(sorry about all the Hummer pics, Brittany loves Hummers, so I told her I'd take pics of them all! LOL)


The Zandi Zoo said...

Simon says " Where are the chickens in the parade? I like the cars at the chicken parade and the hello-copters. I want to go to the chicken parade. Those babies are cute. Them so bootiful."

(I think he meant

Anonymous said...

We just realized today as we passed a float on the way home from church that we must have missed the Rooster Day parade. We have gone just about every year since Catrina was a baby! How did we miss it? Did you see any advertisement for it? Ugh! We will have to try harder next year. ~Kim B.