Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cheaper by the Dozen and Flealess in Broken Arrow

Sherria (my neice) and I watched the old "Cheaper by the Dozen" movie last night. Michael and I had watched the new version in the hospital while we were rooming in with Kaedy - we didn't like it. It was very sad (although it was supposed to be a comedy) and I think it was propaganda from the liberals to prove that people should NOT have large families. There was hardly anything redeeming in the movie to me, at all. I knew that I had seen the older version and loved it, so I decided to rent it and I knew Sherria would be willing to watch it with me...she is up for anything!

We were getting ready to watch it after church and Kaedy was still awake so we loaded her up in her stroller and brought her into the den where I got comfy in the lazy-boy with her. Tonya, her night nurse, came out too. As soon as we started the movie, I could tell we were going to love it. It was WONDERFUL!!! My favorite line was when the dad says "what do people DO [with their time] when they only have 5 or 6 kids?" I highly recommend it to any and everyone, it was a hoot! (as my friend Denise would say!)

This morning I was looking carefully at my cat and noticed he had a flea (I am sure their were others, but one is all I need to see!) so I took him and bathed him in flea shampoo. Oops, I meant I bathed myself in flea shampoo and got a little on him. He is declawed in the front, but not the back, and he managed to hook one of his claws into my arm. Unfortunately I didn't have a good grip on him, so he squished out of my hands and was hanging from my arm by his claw. It would have made a very comical picture, but I have decided I am DEFINITELY not into any of that "piercing my body for a religious experience stuff." He is now in my room, recovering from the experience and trying to find his pride. I, on the other hand, don't have any pride, so I came downstairs to show Linda how thoroughly drenched and covered with hair I am. If I had one of those little web cams, I would even show you all...however, you will have to imagine it yourself. ;-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

She said "Momom!!!" and Pics

She said "MOMOM!" WPPJPP (actually that is WOOHOO! when my fingers are on the right letters!) I was so excited!! She actually said it twice, but I haven't gotten her to say it anymore. The way she says it is so cute, too. She puckered her bottom lip like a huge pout and then stuck her chin out and finally got both lips together to say "momom."

She is having a great day today! She ate by mouth three times, she had her teeth brushed for the first time, she had tummy time and lifted her head up while on her tummy for the first time by herself!! That was HUGELY exciting too!! Once she figured it out, she did it over and over. When I put her legs beneath her, bent, she would push forward to, and was able to scoot around a little, with my help. What a big day!!!

Here are some pics from the past week:
Kaedy Pics

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nurseless and B's departure

We didn't have a nurse today because our back-up nurse was sick. We will probably not have one tomorrow because our regular day nurse's father had to have a pace maker put in and our nurse went to Texas to see him. Please pray for them!

Anyway, we had a great day today, even without a nurse. In fact, I finally got her clothes organized in her drawers according to type and season so that we could get to them better. Michael and the girls had graciously gotten all the 18m-24m clothes out and put them in the drawers, but they really didn't organize them. I folded them all over 3 times and put them standing up side by side so you can actually see all the outfits at once and just pick from the top. That is my favorite way to do baby clothes, so you don't miss any! If we don't have a nurse tomorrow, I will organize her shoes/socks and toys. If our nurse is able to come, I will go to church!

Brittany is off to Albuquerque today for 1 month. Emily fell apart at the airport when she saw her sister go through security. She just was so upset. We have a surprise planned for Britt when she gets back, though, so that is exciting Ems now and making her forget about her absence. I am also going to make her a little calendar where she can mark off the days until sister comes home again!

Kaedy is doing well getting out in the house. She has been in our living room, den and kitchen. Pretty much everywhere on the bottom floor except our school room.
And, to be honest, noone, much less a baby in a stroller, can get in our schoolroom right now! That is my next big project!!!

I want to thank the few friends that have stuck by me during these last 10 months with Kaedy in the hospital and now that she is out. I seem to have lost a two whole groups of friends somewhere along the way, but it is so nice to have people that really care including some wonderful new friends at my church that we made during this time, as well. (Speaking of church, I have been going there a whole year now!!! YEAH!!)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Middle of the night musings

Well it is the middle of the night and Kaedy and I are both awake. It is a coincidence, however. I couldn't sleep and I came downstairs and she woke up from her treatment. I tried to rock her to sleep, but she just wanted to play. I decided to put her back in her crib with some soft music on to try to cut down on the stimulation. I can hear her in their playing, though, so I don't think it worked!!

Yesterday was an extremely busy day. We had people in and out of our house all day long - nurses, RTs, someone measuring her Kaedy for a kidcart, someone with TONS of paperwork for physical theraphy, a person with supplies, UPS, and, finally, a wonderful dinner from our Pastor's wife! It was VERY busy and hectic. I am glad it is over. :-) We ended by going to church, so that was a good way to end a day like this!!

Linda (the nurse) and I have been working on Kaedy taking a toy out of a container (part of her physical therapy). She finally did it a few times today! Who would have thought that you would have to "work" on something like that! She is not yet consistent with it, but she is doing better.

We had a great doctor's appt this week and he said she can come out of her room. With all the excitement around here, we have not yet actually brought her into the rest of the house. Maybe today. :-) The girls are just SOOOO excited about taking her into the house.

We need to move the den around to have more room for Kaedy's stroller to get around. We also need to move the computer armoire so that it is not in the way of everyone going to her room. It is funny, our house worked fine for us, but we are realizing it doesn't work fine for others! I am also probably going to move the girls' rooms around upstairs. I think we are going to give them each their own room. I am still praying about it, so we will see.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kaedy's HOME!!

For those of you worried about Kaedy because I haven't written, I am so sorry!! All is well!!!! I have an email list where I keep people updated about her and send pictures and I figured that everyone who cared was on that list and would know how she was....if you would like to be included, please let me know... We had someone prophesy over her that she was going to touch lives all over and I am seeing more and more that it is true!

Okay, here is the update...SHE IS HOME!!!! She has been home 6 days now. Her homecoming was wonderful and didn't seem real for many days. Or perhaps I had imagined it so much that I just slipped right into it...I'm not sure. It has been wonderful!! We have 3 nurses...a M-F daytime nurse, Linda; a M-Su (yes 7 days a week!!!) nighttime nurse, Tonya; and a Sa-Su nurse, Clara. We really love Linda and have adopted her into our family! She is wonderful!

Kaedy is supposed to stay in her room this first week. (we have a doctor's appt tomorrow where we are hoping she will be able to venture into the rest of the house) We have been spending a lot of time going in to see her. Almost everytime we switch what we are doing, we go in to "check on her." LOL!! The girls have caught me in there when I was supposed to be doing something else, too! She is just too much fun. She has SOOO many for EVERYTIME she sees us! She loves to cuddle and loves kisses. When she is sitting in her crib, she will lean toward me for a kiss. The girls just love her and adore her and haven't had any problems adjusting to her being here. In fact, things are just going wonderfully!! It is SOOO wonderful being home with all three of them all day long. We are really having a great time! I really feel that we are re-connecting, even though we were never really is just a time where we are able to enjoy each other even more!

I am going to go for now, but will keep you updated more regularly now. Many blessings to all that read this!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Righteous Anger

I just have to get a few things off of my chest here..... (I have just spent the last few minutes on two message boards and it wasn't my place to offend anyone on the boards, so I am just going to say my piece here...)

1. God is a GOOD God ALL THE TIME....He does not create bad things to "teach us a lesson" or help us grow. Bad things happen because of Satan. God=good, Satan=bad
If anyone needs clarification of this or would like to talk to me more about it, please email me and I will be happy to talk about is my favorite subject.

2. Our God supplies ALL of our needs out of HIS riches in glory. (Phil 4:19) We do not need to complain or worry about gas prices....God supplies all of our needs!!! But we have to know it! Not only do we have to know it, we have to claim it! We have to speak it! We have to get our angels working on it! When you speak doubt, unbelief and fear you are turning your angels into couch potatoes and leaving the door wide open for Satan to come in and work.

3. Proverbs says that the tongue has the power of life and death. (Prov 18:21) Which will you choose? Do you realize how God created the world? He spoke. He spoke and it was done. God spoke and the world came into being. What comes into being when you speak? Do you speak fear? unbelief? doubt? You do when you complain about all of your ailments, your lack of money, how nothing goes right for you. It is then that Satan can get a foothold and come in. BUT, we can correct that. We can start speaking life. We can catch ourselves when we speak the wrong things, and correct them. We can submit to God, resist the devil (and his way of deceiving us into seeing the world) and the devil will flee from us. (James 4:7) It is not too hard.....Greater is HE who is in us (God) than he who is in the world (Satan). (1 John 4:4)

You know, I love talking to those that talk life. It is exhilarating just being with them. It is awesome to feel the presence of God amongst us, just while we are talking our everyday talk. Do you experience that? Or do you feel weighed down by the world and all that is going on in it? When you are done talking to your friends, do you feel worse? Do you think that God has forgotten you or is too busy elsewhere? Do you think that your worries and problems are too large to overcome? or Do you think that if you talk life you won't be "telling the truth?" Let me explain another thing...

4. This is pretty radical....are you ready? Are you sure? Are you sitting down? .....

This world is not real.

That's's not real. It is a "realm." The "natural realm." There is another realm - the "spiritual realm." It is the spiritual realm that is "real." When I say that Kaedy is healed, I am not lying, I am not wishing, I am not "stretching the truth" or hoping to convince myself. I am speaking the truth...the truth of the spiritual realm. Kaedy IS healed. So are all of us. It was "finished" 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross for us. He died to give us salvation - the Greek word is sozo. Sozo means salvation, healing, and deliverance including deliverance from poverty. Jesus died so we could have an abundant life including healing and prosperity.

Now follow me here....I am not a great theologian, so I will have to explain this in my terms....

I know there are two realms because I believe the Bible.

What do I mean? Well....if Jesus died on the cross so we could be healed, and we don't feel healed...where is the discrepancy? Did Jesus die in vain? NO! He did not die in vain if we understand the way the world works. We ARE the spiritual realm. Satan attempts to deceive us (his only power) into thinking that we are NOT healed, that we are NOT saved, that we are NOT delivered! I explained it to Brittany this know the books that have a picture on the page and then there is a transparency that you can put on top of the picture to learn more? Think of our body on the page, perfect, whole and completely well. Satan tries to put a transparency over that page that has various ailments and diseases on it. Everytime we claim one of those ailments or diseases and call it "ours" it becomes ours and then we have to live with it. However, if we know that Satan is just trying to deceive us, all we need to do is catch him at his game, tell him we know the truth and praise God for our healing, our deliverance from poverty and our salvation! We may not "feel" any better but feelings are actually not a good gauge of the truth. Satan deals in "feelings." That is how he deceives us. We need to learn to trust The Word, over our feelings. The Word is the truth....the spiritual realm is the "real" realm. Every time we thwart Satan, speak life and praise God we get a little closer to living in that spiritual realm.

Okay, that is enough "preaching" for now. Like I said earlier, if you want to talk about any of this, let me know, I would love to. I am still learning myself, but I hope I am able to share when I learn with others...