Sunday, June 29, 2008

How I use my palm pilot

I realize most of my friends don't share my addiction love for tech gadgets but this video is hilarious. Especially since I have used my palm and/or phone for almost each of these things!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big, Blessed Day!!

WOW! What a day! Michael started the day out by taking Brittany out to breakfast. I took Emily to get her hair cut. Then we headed to Wagoner and Michael finally was able to adopt Brittany!!

Here they are right before the adoption:

Here are the Lynn girls......all three of them!

Then we headed back to Broken Arrow and went out to lunch with Grandma and Uncle Kevin (who also came to the adoption) After lunch, we rushed home, gave the kids short naps, loaded up the car and headed back through Wagoner to Sequoyah State Park/Fort Gibson. Our church had their camp their again this year. The Elementary camp was just ending today and the youth camp was just beginning tonight. First they had a spaghetti dinner, then we went outside for the baptism. Because of all of our recent rain, the river was too high for the baptism to be in the river like last time. They got a small pool and had the baptism here. Eight children were baptised, our Emily was one of them.

Here she is pre-Baptism

And here she is, now baptized with water

We are so proud of her! She was very scared to do it, but she overcame her fears and had huge smiles!!

What a special, special day with our girls. We are so very proud of them both (well, all three of them, actually!). We thank the Lord for this blessed and special day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our confession over Kaedra's eating

Kaedra knows that food created by God is good,
and it is not to be rejected.
She eats and is satisfied.
Kaedra is blessed because she eats.
She eats her food with gladness and simplicity of heart!
derived from verses
1 Tim 4:4, Psalm 22:6, Luke 14:15, Acts 2:45

Friday, June 13, 2008

There is a God

The last time I posted a video, I had some people tell me it was too "country-ish." I didn't think it was country at all. However, I KNOW this video is country-ish, but I still think it is AWESOME! So :-P

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Picnic At Grandma's House

Guess What Emily Learned to do...

Our trip to KC

This time when we took Kaedra to Kansas City, it was to the Kansas side. (We usually go to the Missouri side) The doctor has two offices, one on each side of KC. Here are our pics of the "new" office and our trip.

Emily's Birthday - More Pics

Emily was allowed to pick a friend and take her to Incredible Pizza for her birthday. What was really exciting was her friend had never been there before, so she was very excited! We had a wonderful time... here are some of the pics...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Just discovered this band and song on Represent off of GMC. (we Dvr'd it....giggle)
Love, Love, Love the song! Love the name of the band too. Off to check out more of their music....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Really cool list of Presidential Facts

I recently found a new homeschooling blogger who I really enjoy. Her blog's name is "Just Call Me Jamin"

Her son made a list of Presidents and one fact about each one. I thought it was a really cool idea and wanted to share could either just memorize his facts or have your child make a similar list! Plus I learned quite a bit from his list!


Okay, I lied

Whenever I say I don't watch TV, or don't like TV, or don't have a favorite TV show.....I am lying. What I really mean is:
1. I don't have time for TV. I don't make it a priority to watch the time so I can catch a certain show.
2. Michael and I hardly agree on any of our TV shows, so it is just easier to give him the TV and not worry about #1.
3. I am usually interrupted by children and can't really relax to watch the show.
4. My favoritest show ever is no longer on (except in reruns) although Michael and I (yes, we totally agree on this show!!) own the entire series so we can watch it whenever we want.

That being said.......
I have two announcement.....

Regarding issues 1-3

**We got a DVR**

I looooooove our DVR. We are taping all sorts of shows and we can watch them whenever!! If I do happen to watch a show, I can pause it while the kids need something and go back to it when I have a chance. I can FF through commercials. It is awesome!! We are DVR'ing lots of educational shows for the kids and we no longer have to just watch Dora, Diego and SpongeBob! WOOHOO!! Brittany and I DVR'd a Christian Music Video program on GMC. Brittany is DVR'ing two shows she loves that are on too late at night... "Drive Through History" and some other show about missionaries. We are also DVR'ing everything about sharks, WWII, and How It's Made. Now I like TV again. :-) That takes care of #1-3.

Now Regarding Issue 4

They're BAAAAAACK!!!!

Here is what Director, Chris Carter said about the name: I want to Believe:
"It’s a natural title,’ (Director Chris) Carter said in a telephone interview Tuesday during a break from editing the film. ‘It’s a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. `I Want to Believe.’ It really does suggest Mulder’s struggle with his faith.’

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Weaning and sleeping Diaries Part V

For some reason, even from the beginning of the 'getting-to-sleep-in-his-own-bed' process way back in February, Ethan does better at night than during the day. Right now he has been crying for 20 minutes. Oh who am I kidding.... he has been crying all day long, 20 minutes of it has been in his bed. He and Kaedra have both been very loud and 'screamy' today. Maybe potty-traing K, weaning and getting E to sleep in his own bed/room while he is getting his molars (on and off) is too much for one time? Oh well....too late. (insert insane laugh here)

I am desperately awaiting him going to sleep so I can nap and renew my JOY. It is a little depleted at the moment but I know it's there. Where? down in my heart! where? down in my heart!

Wishing and praying for y'all to have quiet, head-ache and stress free times. Yes! I am sowing seeds! Now I am going to reap the harvest, hallelujah!

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Weaning and sleeping Diaries Part IV

Because I am sure enquiring minds want to know.....

Ethan slept until 9:00 this morning! He took his nap in his playpen, he went to sleep after one giant yell tonight and then woke up an hour later and cried for about 20 minutes. That's the up to the moment news folks. We will keep you informed if there is anything to add to this story. Stay tuned....

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The Weaning and sleeping Diaries Part III

It is 5:26am and I just woke up because, get this, my body was stiff from NOT HAVING MOVED ALLLLLL NIGHT. Okay I say all night, and it has only been a few hours since I went to sleep. But the important part is I haven't heard a peep out of Ethan since 11:00pm last night!

Night one is almost over. Hopefully the subsequent nights will be so uneventful, you won't even hear about it. :-)

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The Weaning and sleeping Diaries Part II

He's been quiet since 11:00. I'm still up for some reason. Heading to bed now. Thanks to Brandi and Mel for the encouraging words!

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