Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thirteen Reasons we homeschool

I'm going to do this one upside down:

13. First and foremost because God told us to. All other reasons hinge on this, of course.
12. To be able to see my children grow and not miss any special moments in their development.
11. To be able to choose who we (and our children) socialize with
10. To be able to take time off from Thanksgiving until after New Year's and really enjoy the Christmas season.
9. To be able to take days off according to our needs/wants instead of someone else's schedule.
8. To allow the kids to spend time together and grow up together as a whole cohesive unit rather than little people each with their own lives and agendas (which they will of course have when they get older, but, for now, they can learn about socialization from their siblings!)
7. To be able to educate rather than just prepare them for tests.
6. To be able to teach the values that we think are important.
5. To be able to individualize what each child wants to study (especially in high school)
4. To be able to go at each child's own speed in each subject
3. To be able to decide when to present certain topics to our children.
2. To be able to offer them exciting real-life experiences daily, instead of learning about life from a book

and the number one reason we homeschool is:
To shape, shelter and encourage the souls of our children.
(I didn't come up with that myself, but it has been part of our motto for 7 years. I originally read it in The Homeschool Journey by Susan and Michael Card)

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Summer M said...

That's a great list. :) Happy TT!

amy said...

Upside down lists rock!!! We wont get our daughter for a while but we have thought about homeschooling

mimi.rothschild said...

Kahri, thank you so much for posting your thoughts on homeschooling. I've homeschooled seven children and all with great success. You and your readers will love this article on the advantages of homeschooling. Click here to read. Enjoy!
-Mimi Rothschild

Raggedy said...

That was a great list :)
My list is up too