Friday, April 27, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday 4/28/07

Wow. If I gave myself a F+ last week like Mercy then this week I have about a G-.

For one thing, Michael had most of the week off. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE having my hubby home. We aren't like some couples I know (don't worry, I won't name names) that get along better the less time they spend together. We get along so much better the MORE time we spend together. So I have had a wonderful week with my hubby and kids! However, my habits went out the window. and down the street. and hopped on a bus. and left town.

The goal of not watching TV was completely scrapped. Hubby was home and had the TV on most of his waking hours. We also had a movie afternoon one day and movie night another day, so the TV probaby got MORE use than usual!

Here is a recap of my goals:
wk 1: praying and bible reading nope
wk 2: referring to planner everyday nope
wk 3: get off computer at 9am and off for rest of day have a slightly different schedule but still doing good on this
wk 4: new laundry schedule and laundry put away every day did Friday
wk 5: stopped caffeine --habit
wk 6: added fruit to breakfast --habit
wk 7: added veggie to lunch --habit
wk 8: portion sizes --habit
wk 9: writing down what I eat every day --didn't do at all, not even sure I want to
wk 10: walking every day nope
wk 11: re-working on everything
wk 12: getting Kaedy bug fed on time did good on this
wk 12: making a schedule and sticking to it didn't even work on it!
wk 13: no TV during day for kids failed miserably

Okay, I am going to be honest here. I need to start over. I need to start over not by trying to work on ALL my goals again, but going back to square one and working on ONE goal at a time. I was doing great and I want to get it back! So, (big sigh), I am going to pick the one thing I need more than time and prayer time. I am going to keep up on the habits I have and if I add anything of the other things, great, but I am going to really concentrate on the bible and prayers.

I can do this! In fact, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.(Phil 4:13)

If you are interested in seeing more people's SHS check out Lazy Organizer's site. Feel free to jump in and join us at any point!


Beach Girl said...

I can do this! In fact, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.(Phil 4:13)

You better believe it! The good habits will come. :-)


Trella said...

I was going to suggest before I got to the end for you to pick one thing on the list and focus on that, but you came to the same conclusion yourself:)
With Christ help they will all come.
Have a great weekend,

Montserrat said...

Look at all the habits you do have though! Reading the bible is definitely a good one to work on. I know it helps me get through my day! Good luck!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Even though you might not have done well on ALL your habits last week (and you have done remarkably well on a lot of them), think of the all the wonderful memories you built with your husband and children. That is more important!

Good luck reading your Bible this week and saying your prayers.

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

You can do this! And good job on your resolve to pick just one thing! Nothing's worse than being overwhelmed!! Good luck this week.

Jen said...

Everyone deserves a little holiday every now and then, even when you're at home. You got to relax and spend lots of great time with your family so now you'll be recharged and refocused! :)

Trudi said...

I am not going to add something new every week, I will set myself up for failure and then get depressed. I need to get a few things really right as in habit before moving on. I guess that's the special ed. teacher in me. Have a good week.

Mercy said...

LOL! you gave yourself a G-. That's too funny!!

I've been trying to get around to others blogs & encourage them in their habits this week, but I am just now starting. I'm a bit late.

But, anyway, here goes:
"You can do it!! GO, Go! Yay!"

How was that? Did you feel encouraged? :o)

Actually I wanted to ask, what does your hub's do? I pray almost daily that my husband would be able to be home more often. I miss him as he works entirely too much. So, I always ask when I find out that someones husband gets to be home more often.

I won't be too bitter at you. And I guess I'll come back to your blog eventhough now I'm jealous.

Take Care,