Saturday, April 14, 2007

Randomized Questions

Here are 5 questions that Susan created for Aisha, Tina and me. To see more of what this is all about check out her question post and her post where she answered someone else's questions.

#1. If you could re-do your life, what 1 thing would you do that you did not do. And why? boy this is difficult. Unlike some people who wouldn't change a thing, I would change quite a bit. Don't get me wrong, I like where I am. I LOVE where I am. But I wish I had done many things differently. Okay, if I could re-do my life I would spend more time with my grandmother. I will be writing about her in about a week, so you can hear all about her. :-)

#2. Of my 5 answers to the questions asked of me by Susan, of Learning for Lifetime, which did you like best? And why? My favorite was "And because I LOVE music and Linda used music: If you were standing before all your friends and family and they asked you to summarize yourself in one to two songs, what would you sing and why?" That was my favorite because I think music has a huge influence on our lives and I like hearing about what music affects other people.

#3. Do you screen your comments before they are published? Why or why not? Yes I do. When I started blogging I had a lot of spam. That is the only reason.

#4. (This one is not original since Susan answered on her blog and then asked me and now I'm asking you because I think it's the best question ever.)
What are five things you would do if "money were no object"? And of course, why?
a. Buy an RV and take my family travelling across the continent. We have a dream of eventually doing this so this is not a new thought. I just would like to do it when all the kids are still living at home. Having an almost 12 year difference between the present oldest and youngest makes me more "antsy" about doing this. I would like to visit friends and family, taking time to linger with people until we really felt that we were ready to move on. I would also like to take in lots of historical sites and get in lots of schooling along the way!
b. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I would like to buy us our 5-10 acres and build our dream house on it. We want to have a small farm as well as an area for a swimming pool (completely gated) and a play area for the kids. I have already sketched out our house. Maybe I will scan that and blog about it sometime. :-) Oh, and we would stay in the same general area. We love this area and we love our church, homeschool group and friends.
c. I would like to take our family to Europe, to see the sites that I saw when I was a child. I would also take my mom and dad so they could serve as tour guides and so we could all have a great experience to remember together.
d. I would help finish up our church's main building and give money specifically for the youth building my pastor has in mind.
e. I am going to borrow one of Susan's answers for the last one: "I would always have several thousand dollars on me to be able to help, on the spot, anyone the Spirit of God directed me to help."

#5. If you were forbidden to live in the United States, what country would you choose to live in? And why? I would like to go to Germany. I grew up going there every year and I love the culture. I love the friendliness of the people and the value they put on relationships over belongings.

Okay,let me know in your comments if you want to play along in the challenge and I will post some questions for you!


Amelia Antwiler said...

Oh...I think I want to play. *L*

Momma Roar said...

Hello, thought I'd stop by to see your answers to Susan's questions. I know she's written about you before, but I think this is my first time stopping by. I really like your answers, especially getting the RV - I would love to travel like that with my kids and show them the US.
Blessings to you!
Leigh Ann
Feel free to stop by my blog sometime.

Beach Girl said...

Hi~Greetings from Yahweh's Retreat on Hatteras Island, NC!

I found your blog while exploring connecting trails and paths through Blogland and am looking forward to returning.

Wanted to comment on your answer to #5 where you said "the value they put on relationships over belongings." Today's post over at my blog is about two families I saw on a DIY TV show and the things they value. They are missing opportunities with their kids and have gadgets instead.

I also wanted to invite you to stop by my blog:
"Beach Girl"

Beach Girl said...

PS~ Money was definitely not a problem for these 2 families.


Susan said...

Thanks for playing along. Hope you get some takers on this one. Not too many people seem up to this particular challenge.