Sunday, April 29, 2007

National Treasure - Movie Review

What a treasure of a movie! We had seen the preview for this on Around the World in 80 days. It stuck with Britty who is really into adventure movies right now. We had some extra days at home with Daddy and she thought of this movie right away.

When it started out, I have to admit, I thought it was a little dorky. However, about the third scene I was HOOKED. The rest of the movie flew by (as much as it could with interruptions from 3 kids under 6) and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The movie follows Nicholas Cage on his quest to find a treasure his family has known about for generations. It is action packed, humorous and filled with many 'real-life' national treasures like The Declaration of the United States and The Liberty Bell.

While the movie is highly improbable, if you can turn off your reality-meter, it is very enjoyable. (in high school/college we called that suspension of disbelief-remember that?) It could be slightly scary for younger children (there is a skeleton) but Emily didn't have any trouble with it. There are two other potential 'issues' with it, depending on what you allow your kids to watch. Number one, Nicholas Cage, aka the 'good' guy, actually steals something. You end up cheering for him and hoping he will succeed although, obviously this is not something you want your kids to emulate. The second issue is up for interpretation; however, at the end of the movie Cage and his love interest are apparently sharing a house and we never saw a wedding. As I said, that one is up for interpretation, I just wanted to warn you.

All in all, this was one of the best movies we've seen in a long time. It was fun to watch a good, clean, family movie and have everyone enjoy it. I wish we knew of more action movies like this--anyone have any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

My family loves this movie too. We bought it since we liked it so much. ~Kim B.

Amelia Antwiler said...

We like this movie, too. Suspension of disbelief is much needed...but the movie is enjoyable. I really liked the sidekick, too.

I love what you've done with your blog. It looks fantastic! You've been organizing here, too.

The Italian Job is a pretty good action film. The main character is a thief.

Sahara is a pretty good movie - if you don't compare it to the book.

TombRaider is pretty fun. It requires no brain power. *L*

Ruth said...

I LOVE this movie. I have it listed in my profile as one of my favorites. I don't mind the improbability of it because I figure I want to escape while I watch something. I don't want "reality"...I get enough of that daily. =o) I can't think of any other action films right now. We're not big movie watchers.

Unknown said...

I like that movie too. :) And Nicholas Cage makes it easy to sit through. LOL!!! :p

I'll have to think about other action movies that are good. I don't know of many that are family-friendly though.