Sunday, April 15, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday 4/14/07

Well I am going to write this really quick as it is already Sunday and time for bed.

I did really pretty good on feeding Kaedra on the new schedule. The funny thing is, the day I did the worst was a day when we stayed home all day! Anyway, we did pretty good in getting all of her feeds during the day and it is getting easier to remember. I am trying to remember to think about when her next feed is EVERY TIME I look at the clock. That way I will hopefully not forget, even if my palm pilot is not near me.

Some of my past smart habit saturday items have REALLY become habits already and I don't even have to think about them: eating a fruit with breakfast, eating a veggie with lunch, praying every night, new laundry schedule and putting laundry away, no caffeine...others I still think about every day but have problem implementing - like walking (especially in this crazy weather)...and still others I forget to think about at all like writing down what I am eating & checking my planner every day. I am still working on all of them and trying to get better every week.

This week I am REALLY REALLY working on checking my planner and planning out my days (last week my to do list was accidentally erased from my pda and computer so I have to start over on that) and I am also going to add


okay that never got out last night. Ethan needed me more than I needed to be blogging! So... let me finish that last statement....


figuring out a schedule for the family and use it. I need to figure out a good blogging time that doesn't take time away from my family and keeps a limit on the amount of time I spend doing it. We are trying to get my laptop networked again and then I will have a more convenient time. (using my pda in bed has worked out really well but only for WRITING my posts. I also would like a little time to read other people's blogs and comment) I also need to figure out a better time to pray. I have been praying at night but it has really been stressing Michael out for various reasons. This week is going to be a scheduling and list making week.

I wish everyone else with SMART Habit Saturday a great week full of habit forming behaviors!

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Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

Working out blogging time is tough isn't it? That's one I still struggle with.

Good luck this week with working out a schedule. I have one, too, and it works wonders...on the days I actually use it! : )

Beach Girl said...

I used to have a schedule and then we moved here. Time to get on making another!


An Ordinary Mom said...

With everything you have going on in your life, it sounds like you are juggling things pretty well. Keep it up and good luck this week!