Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ketchup, Girl

Well, first to explain my title:
Britty has this joke:
What did the tomato say to his son who was lagging behind?
Ketchup, Boy!

So I am ketching up. :-)

Well everything has changed since Saturday! Michael decided to still take this until Wednesday off, so we are TOTALLY not doing the TV Challenge. (we will still do it on Thursday, Friday and the 1/2 of Saturday that he is not home) When I said that he didn't want to do it, I don't mean he didn't think it was a good idea. I mean he HATED the idea. He looked at me with spite in his eyes! Do NOT get between that man and his TV! :-)

We had already planned on being on spring break from last Wednesday (Michael's first day off) until this Wednesday. I kept the plan through his idea to go back to work and then his idea to still stay home. So we are still on spring break through tomorrow.

We were going to go the zoo on Monday (with or without hubby) but 1/2 the family woke up feeling puny with allergies so we decided to stay home. Actually, Brittany and I went and took care of her passport and a few other errands while Michael, Emily and Kaedra (the puny 1/2) stayed home. It was a fun morning with Britt and Ethan.

Today we celebrated hubby's b'day (which is actually Thursday). We took him on a shopping spree this morning and let him pick out his own presents. LOL. He loved it! We will probably make that a tradition. We are having a nacho/taco bar tonight and pineapple upside down cake. He hasn't decided what he wants to do for fun though. (psst he's running out of time!)

Tomorrow we are going to go bowling with our homeschool group. A place here in town has $1 games/$1 shoes. WOOHOO! :-)

The only bad thing this week (besides everyone's allergies) has been that I have systemic poison ivy. Apparently I got it a week ago Sunday when working in the yard. It has gotten progressively worse every day since then (except my face, which got bad and then did get better) and has now landed in my joints, which I didn't know was possible. I also have some secondary infections now as well. I am really embarrassed about how I look (it covers my hands and arms and is spattered on my face, ears, neck, legs, tummy and the things I use for nursing) (sorry I said it that way, but I don't want to get pulled up on some bad google search). Britty nicely told me I look like I have leprosy. Michael says I look like a Meth addict. As you can see, they are trying hard to make me feel better! I haven't been sleeping well because of the pain and itching but the doctor called me in some meds, so I will hopefully be feeling better very soon! I took Benadryl for a few days, which really helped the itch, but made my milk production slow down. Now I am "braving" it without any pain or itch meds other than topical. I just put some aloe vera on it and I am hoping that heals it quickly!

I will spare y'all the pictures. Just imagine a hand dipped in acid.

That's what I think it looks like.

UPDATE: I can't feel the difference but it is looking better! The aloe took a lot of the red out! :-)

Oh, and Kaedy's surgery was rescheduled. Looks like we will go up on May 16th for all pre-op and come back home the same day. Then she will have her surgery on May 20th. The surgeons are arguing with the anesthesiologists about having all vent children first. The anesthesiologists want it that way but since most of us live far away, the surgeons are trying to get them moved later in the day. If the surgeons win, we will just be going up on Monday morning early, having her surgery and coming home in 24 hours. If the other people win (tired of spelling that out) we will have to go the night before. Anyway, we will keep you posted.

I will let Britty post about her rock-a-thon. But I will just tell you, she did GREAT! I was so proud of her!


Susan said...

Never a dull moment at your house :o)

Beach Girl said...

Island Greetings!

I'm so sorry to hear about your poison ivy and will keep you in my prayers.

I understand about catching up and am at "the same table." So when you're done, please pass the catsup! :-)


Amelia Antwiler said...

Okay - Beach Girl stole my comment and made it funnier to boot! How'd she do that??

I'm really sorry that you've got poison ivy. I've not had it that bad - but I'm sitting here itching FOR you just from thinking of it.

I finally got to answer your 5 randomized questions. I hope you'll be proud.

I did laugh when I read about your hubby and the NO TV challenge. I think we might be met with that look here, too. *L*

PS - THanks for introducing yourself to A&EMom. :-) You made her day, I'm sure.

May you be healed QUICKLY!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You sure have a lot going on! I am SO sorry about the poison ivy situation. I have never heard of it the way you have it. :-( Where can you bowl for only $1??? I have to know. ;-) Are you enjoying being back with your old group? ~Kim

Unknown said...

Hey! :)

Sounds wonderfully busy! That is getting to spend some time as a family. :)

The bowling sounds fun! My girls LOOOOOOOOVE to go bowling!