Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday 13 - Thirteen reasons I blog

1. To stay in touch with Brandi in a more fun and multi-media way. The flip side of this, though, is that when Brandi isn't blogging you will notice my posts go waaaay down in number. (so keep blogging, Brandi!)

2. To stay in touch with my other friends, even the ones here in OK (or,for that matter, even a mile away) We are all too busy to talk to everyone daily, but we can all blog and we will be able to catch up on everyone's lives in a few minutes.

3. And how often are you going to get your photo album out for your friends to see? When I was growing up, my parents would have slide show parties with their friends. Then that got to be sort of a joke. But in the bloggy world, we can share pics, videos, songs and anything else that strikes our fancy. Our friends can look at it and share when it is convenient for them.

4. To tell people Kaedra's story and give people hope through similar circumstances. Also to let people who are praying for her or are concerned about her know how she is doing.

5. To keep an (almost) daily journal. I have tried for 19 years to get back into keeping a daily journal. This is my most successful effort. (and more fun although I still miss the feel of pen on paper) I like having a record of events I can look back on.

6. For a creative outlet. I used to have more creative juices than I do now, but I still long to get things out now and then.

7. To make lists. I love lists. Lists of books, lists of movies, lists of music, lists of to-dos, lists oh have-dones, lists of favorite verses. Now I have a central location for my lists.

8. To make new friends. I love meeting new people and my blog has given me the ability to meet people all over the world. I am hoping to make lasting friendships with some of the wonderful ladies I have met.

9. To share "what works for me." One of my favorite things to read is helpful hints and Shannon's WFMW is a great place to read lots of great ideas. I love being able to contribute to those ideas now and then too. This goes along with my favorite quote: "What are we here for if not to make life easier for one another?"

10. To share my faith.. On those same lines...The number one 'thing' that works for me is God. I like having a way to share my joy in the Lord with others and hopefully inspire them. This is the reason I have our answered prayers on my sidebar.

11. To connect with like-minded people and be inspired by them. I love the organizing pages I go to and, most recently, the organizing challenge I am taking part in. It's great to meet people with the same "hobbies" as you and be able to all work together to get things done.

12. To have accountability partners. The best example I have of this is Smart Habit Saturday. Lara's creation of this accountability group has really inspired me this year and helped me in making some lasting changes. I have met some great ladies there, too, and they can be very encouraging! Brandi and I have also used the blogs to stay accountable to each other on and off over the years.

13. To occassionally be able to get up on my 'soap box' and have a venue to express what I feel. Since it's my page I can say what I want and not get kicked off. ;-)

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Susan said...

All good points.

Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
I always like new faces.
Please feel free to stop by and comment anytime.
I will be back to visit your blog too.

I like this post Friday the 13th and 13 reasons I blog. Very neat idea.
I will have to try this one sometime.

Anonymous said...

I like your list. Many of the same reasons apply to why I blog also. Great TT. Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

all very good reasons :)

Beckadoodles said...

Hi Happy TT!

Unknown said...

Great list! I love to make lists all the time as well..I love reading your recently answered prayers

Anonymous said...

Hello, i'm new at this, but i wanted to drop by and send my greetings! Take care! -laura