Friday, April 13, 2007


I have been having a very strange sensation lately. And quite frequently. Before you think I am going through pre-menopause, it is not THAT kind of sensation.
no no no

in fact, it's on the opposite side of the age spectrum!

I have been getting giddy!

I have been having that pounding heart, shortness of breath, wanting to jump up and down and crow kind of giddiness.

I am going to blame two people....Lucy and Kaedra.

I think that Lucy can be blamed because of this post on encountering happy moments. After I read it, I commented and told her I would be trying to notice my moments too. I forgot about it that whole week and then the next week when I saw her update, I remembered that I had wanted to work on that too.

Later that day my dog got out. As I was running down the street yelling at her, having to knock on doors and ask to go in backyards, I took the time to smell the flowers. Literally. I smelled flowers. And I remembered Lucy's post. And I thanked God for the beauty of the day and the flowers and the moment (and then I caught and yelled at my dog and dragged her back down the street!)

I had a few more happy moment times in the next few days and was well on my way to needing to write a "thank you" to Lucy.

And then there was Kaedra.

She was standing in her booster seat yelling "up, up, up." (please don't tell me what a bad mom I am for her standing in her chair...I know, I know) I went and asked her, "do you want me to get you?" She flapped her arms and practically jumped up and down and grinned the biggest grin. I knew she had that giddy feeling. And that's when I got it too. I got all giddy inside.

Now it's happened several times. Everytime I have a happy moment, it is accompanied by the giddy feeling and I feel like flapping my arms and jumping up and down. But I think I will suffice to just have the big grin.

Thank you Lucy and Kaedra!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? I love giddy happy moments.

You are so more than welcome. I hope more people catch the fever :)!!

Keep flapping those arms and jumping up and down. It is contagious I tell you!

Ruth said...

Wow!! What a great thought. I will have to ask the Lord to illuminate this to me as well. Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

Keep flapping girl, Keep flapping!!

Trella said...

What a delightful post. I hope you keep having that giddy up feeling.