Saturday, January 27, 2007

update on Ethan's arrival

Some of you knew I had a doctor's appointment this week and you have been wondering what happened. I'm sorry I haven't been online to update you! Soooo here is the update....

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday morning. We had prayed a lot the night before about whether to induce Ethan or not. (for those that don't know, I lost a baby boy, Jacob, at 36 weeks due to an umbilical cord "accident." Because of that, my doctor has given us the option to induce if we feel that we should.) We both heard from God not to induce, just slightly different messages. We were a little disappointed because it would be *easier* to induce and not have any worries anymore. It would also be so wonderful to have Ethan here to hold! But, we completely trust God, so we went into the appointment without any plans to induce.

Ethan hadn't been moving much the prior week so they hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor and monitored us for awhile. Then they sent us for another biophysical profile from the ultrasound. Everything came up good on both tests. We came home feeling better that he was doing well and that we could see him. :-) They set us up for a fetal heart monitor and ultrasound again next week. (Dr. Aikman had previously said no more ultrasounds) Next week our appt is on Wednesday, so I will let you all know how he is doing then. As a side note, he has been moving a ton this week, since the appointment, which has been very reassuring!

As for his measurements - he was reading about 7lbs and 37 weeks, 5 days. (which is almost two weeks earlier than our "due date")

We had excitement on Thursday night. The girls and I went out in the afternoon to run a few errands and go to a park, since it was going to be such nice weather. We ran all the errands, went by the park (which was still all icy!) and came on home. By the time we got home, I was cramping really bad, had a headache, backache and started contracting. This started at about 5pm. At 8pm, I remembered what Heather said and decided to take a shower to see if these were *real* or not. I still had contractions in the shower; in fact, one of the hardest ones was while I was in there. I actually started getting excited. :-) My contractions were very close together and happening extremely regularly, however they were not hard at all. They were probably in between a 2-4 on a scale of 1-10. There were just a few that were about a "6". At about 10:30, after our nurse had gotten here, I was VERY tired and just told Michael that we were going to have to stop timing them and go to sleep. I assured him that we wouldn't wake up with Ethan in the bed with us. heehee

Alas, we didn't wake up with Ethan in bed with us, nor did I wake up from my contractions getting harder. They went on all night, all the next morning and stopped sometime in the early afternoon yesterday. I kept cramping all day and am still cramping some today. I am still very tired and hubby and I were VERY cranky yesterday and last evening. We made a pact to not get excited again until my contractions are hard or until my water breaks (which is the sign we are praying for) but hubby is not doing good with it yet. I have to keep reminding him. ;-)

Sooooo that's the news. I haven't felt too good since Thursday, which is frustrating after having some really good, energetic days. I am hoping to have some more of those, or have Ethan. Either one is great! :-) (okay, I am leaning toward having Ethan of course, but I am trying to stay positive!!)


Unknown said...

((((HUG)))) Hang in there! Not much longer now.

An Ordinary Mom said...

What exciting stuff you have going on there! I hope you are able to get some good rest and that when Ethan is ready to come that the labor and delivery will go smoothly and that both you and he will be healthy and happy.

Whew, that was a long sentence :)!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I found your blog through Menu Plan Mondays and wanted to comment on this post, Feel free to disregard my comment, since I really don't know you, but I wanted to say that I really admire you for opting not to induce your baby early! Patience and trusting and relying on God isn't easy! I did want to tell you about my aunt (she's in her early 30's) who lost a baby due to a prolapsed cord. She got pregnant again and begged her doctor to allow her to be induced early. They induced at what they thought was almost 37 weeks, but when the baby was born, they decided that he was really only 33 or 34 weeks along. The baby's doing fine, but patience would have been in his better interest...