Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Facing the Giants

I went out and bought this movie today. We hadn't seen it yet but I knew, even if it wasn't a favorite of Michael's and mine, that at least the girls would be watching a good message.

Well we loved it! At least Brittany and I did. Michael and Emily went to bed early because Emmy is "taking a healing" tonight. (she's not taking a cold, she's receiving her healing! HALLELUJAH!) Anyway, I highly recommend it. The story is great! It is awesome to see faith proclaimed and lived in a MOVIE. WOW. I didn't realize it could be done. Maybe that large screen contraption in our den isn't so bad after all. LOL (I'm a TV despiser, for those who don't know me well!)

And, of course, I cried. And although I am very pregnant and I am prone to cry even when not pregnant, I think I saw a tear shine in Brittany's eye who doesn't cry at ANYTHING!! (But, Kim, it is a good cry, not a bad one! ;-)

Here is a preview of the movie:

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Anonymous said...

Well, if it is a GOOD cry, I just might try it. ;-)