Sunday, January 28, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday #4

I'm a day behind for Saturday, but I hope y'all will forgive me! I started it last night, but ran out of time before having a "date night" with hubby. We don't actually get to go out much, but we try to have one night a week where we watch a movie together quietly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...okay, we did watch a movie. It probably took 3 hours for a 1 1/2 hour movie! we had Kaedra with us...enough said. :-)

I had a pretty good week for last week's goals. I had prayer time and/or bible time almost every day. I did not have prayer or bible time with Hubby. I am going to shelf that one for right now. I referred to my household journal through Thursday, and then forgot for Friday-Saturday. As far as my computer time went, I did really well. I got off the computer on Monday and Tuesday by 9 o'clock am and had great days those days. On Wednesday, I got a little sidetracked and that messed everything up! I got back on track on Thursday and hardly got on the computer at all on Friday and Saturday. Actually, I loved how much I got done in the rest of the house by getting off the computer early, but I missed having time to blog, commenting on blogs and answering emails. I still have a few emails that need answering and I never did get to do my Thursday Thirteen,(I couldn't think of a WFMW) so I want to figure out when I can do those things.

I got most of my "to dos" done this week...YEAH! I also got my new Polestar Calendar in the mail yesterday! WOOHOO! I haven't had a chance to start it yet, but that is on my "to dos" for tomorrow. Actually tomorrow is "Office Day" so that fits perfectly in my schedule!

So, my habits for this week are:
1. Prayer/Bible Time Daily
2. Refer to planner daily
3. Off of computer by 9am
4. NEW HABIT: make sure/help implement laundry being put away daily. Also use new laundry schedule.

I liked having my to do list up here, so I am going to do that again too...

Here are my weekly to dos:
1. Get Ethan's car seat base cleaned and put cover back on it
2. Re-do "landing zone" in our house and paperwork system
3. Make at least 1-2 more freezer meals
4. Get Emily's school stuff ready for when Ethan comes, to help her be more independent
5. Finish working on Britty's school stuff
6. Send blockbuster movies back, make sure good ones are next in que. :-)
7. Library
8. Get kids to bring sleds in before next snow!
9. Clean car

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See you next week! Hopefully on time! :-)


An Ordinary Mom said...

With how far along you are in your pregnancy, I am impressed with how much energy you seem to have :) !!

Great job on your habit making (especially on the computer one - very impressive)and good luck this week with your laundry.

Betty's Loosing Race said...

Good job on your goals. You have set some good goals. I need to work on putting laundry away too.

I like how you listed your to do list and your prayer request on your sidebar.

Good luck this week.


Andrea said...

Wow. You've done alot. Movies take much longer here too. fun times. Hope the laundry is successful. I so need to do that too.