Sunday, January 14, 2007

Productive Day

Wow I got a lot done today! Now I know why Pastor doesn't ever want you to miss church....your flesh will realize how much you can get done in the natural! However, I realize that the Spirit is the part of me that needs the most work, so, no worries, I will be at church again next week. ;-)

Our whole town was shut down today because of the ice storm. Almost every church in town was closed and the news couldn't even get all the churches listed on their crawler by the time their program was over! We got an email and a call from our church last night not to come in, so we knew already, although we got a big thrill (yes, we are simple folks) seeing our church's name on the crawler! LOL

We had a GREAT day! I let Michael sleep in and cooked a big breakfast for everyone. After breakfast I put away a few loads of laundry, sorted laundry upstairs and started a new load. We organized Ethan's clothes, put together the Munchkin (which we love) and finally cleaned up the living room which had been a holding area for all the shower gifts. We then took a nap and when we got up I did more laundry, Michael put away a few more loads of laundry and we got the car seat, baby bouncer and baby bath out of the attic and started cleaning them all. I had given Michael a new Bible for Christmas and some tabs for it, so I put all his tabs on it for him, too. We made a quick frozen pizza dinner and watched a movie. Michael went to bed and I whipped up another day's worth of Kaedy's food in our new Magic Bullet (love that thing too!) Now I am thawing a chicken in the microwave (enough to get the packaging off) so I can put it into the crockpot overnight and grind it up tomorrow for baby food. (Karen - the big blender you gave us works GREAT for the chicken!!! It makes it smooooooooth as baby food! Just what we need!! Thank you sooo much!) Brittany is chasing after Kaedra so I have a few minutes to blog and then I will try to get Kaedy to go to bed. (no nurse tonight)

Michael cancelled school tomorrow (since public school is cancelled too!) so we are going to have another great, productive day tomorrow! I plan on getting the living room organized and decluttered, school room cleaned, school plans made and my thank you notes finished! I still haven't found my prayer book, but I haven't given up looking. I am hoping to find it asap!

Heather - Michael asked me if this "counted as nesting." ROFL!

Hope you all had as great of a day as I did and have a great week!!



Anonymous said...

You are definately nesting!!! Are you talking about the movies?? (what did you find) My phone is by the bed in anticipation. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am glad you were so productive and I am especially glad you found your prayer book! Hooray!