Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking to be a great day!

Today is looking like it is going to be a great day! Do you ever wake up in that kind of mood?? Kaedra woke me up at 630 this morning which I wasn't too thrilled about at the time, but has really gotten my day off to a great start. I already gave her a bath, did her treatments, picked up her room, checked my email, updated my blog from yesterday and made breakfast all before my other girls even got up!

Soooo since I am starting off in one of those "conquer the world" days, here are my plans for today:

1. Start my oamc marinara sauce cooking
2. make my 2 wild rice chickens (using the chicken that was in the cp last night)
3. grind up the rest of the chicken for Kaedra's food
4. pick up the school room and top of TV (two "hot spots")
5. get today's laundry going and Kaedra's laundry put away
6. pantry cleaned
7. keep working on school schedule
8. My friend Teri Kelley is coming this afternoon with her kids to visit, so I want to be able to relax by then.
9. I have my OB appt tomorrow, so I need to get everything ready to get out tomorrow. (Brandi- I will be sending the Munchkin tomorrow and Logan's card. I know it will be late, but at least it's the same week this year!!! (or at all!!)
10. Tonight we have a nurse, so I am going to sleep! WOOHOO! :-)
11. Forgot this: I need to make an inventory of what's in our freezers and clean out the old stuff!

Hope you all have a great day too!

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Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading your list! :) Don't you just love when days start like that...I wish I had more of them. And, by the way, you are welcome for the WFMW idea...I'm really glad you can use it!