Sunday, January 28, 2007

Breaking my water (closet)

So the other day, I was talking to my friend Tarry on the phone about how I am waiting for my water to break. The girls were in the room with me and, no doubt, overheard the whole conversation. A few minutes later, Emily kept trying to tell me something. I have been trying to teach her not to interrupt me when I am on the phone unless it is an emergency (aka BLOOD) so I kept shhhing her. She finally went over to Brittany and I overheard "I threw a quarter in the potty." THAT got my attention. I asked her to come over and tell me what she did. She said "I threw a quarter in the potty to try to break your water so you can have Ethan today." Up until this point, apparently "my water" was the toilet to her!!! I tried to tell her, very sweetly, thank you, but that wouldn't work but she broke down in tears. I had to hang up with Tarry and love on my sweet little misguided girl.

As a side note, I did take her to a couple of internet pages and show her the bag of waters that Ethan was surrounded in. She understands a lot better now! LOL

Speaking of breaking my water.... My hubby asked me the funniest thing the other day. He said, "are you SURE you can't have the baby without your water breaking first?" (it was the night he was worried Ethan would just end up in bed with us)

Apparently my family needs some good old fashioned lessons on baby birthing around here! (HEATHER!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? LOL)


Rosie said...

Funny stuff! These little people are full of funny things!

Unknown said...

All you have to do is set up a time and I'm there. LOL!!! Come over Tuesday night to my'll be talking about First Stage Labor. ;)

And yes, you CAN have a baby with intact water. It's called being "born in the caul". I know of a GREAT picture if he wants to see. LOL A friend of mine is a doula and was at a homebirth where that happened and she got an awesome picture!!!! It's not graphic...mostly just the baby's head.

And what's so wrong about waking up with Ethan ending up in bed with you? LOL! When I was in labor (well, in denial that I was in labor) with Abigail, Kevan told me, "We are going to the hospital NOW. I do NOT want this baby born on our bed." I guess I get the laugh now since the next two were born in the bedroom. LOL!!!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Kids can take things so literally. I know I did when I was growing up!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! What a sweet little girl! And, your husband...too funny! That would be a frightening thing you know! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!