Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm much too early to feel this darn pregnant...

Well last night was interesting....

First we had planned on watching "One Night with the King" which we had taped on New Year's Eve and hadn't watched yet. I have a list of things that I want to get done before Ethan gets here, though, and I told the girls that we could watch the movie after he gets here, but I can't do some of this other stuff once he gets here. So I had already backed out of that, but I had a list of other stuff I wanted to do...organize and declutter the living room, do my school schedule and get Emmy's school stuff organized and finish up thank yous. Okay, so that's the *plan.*

Michael came home from work early (around 4) and I had made stew and wanted to make homemade rolls so I was in the kitchen making rolls. While I was there, the girls asked if I would make apple cake. While the roll dough was rising, I whipped up an apple cake, put it into the oven and decided to blend Kaedra's chicken and get her feedings ready. I got her chicken all beautifully blended and into canning jars, got the dough put into roll shapes and then started not to feel good. I had the girls doing chores so I came and sat on the couch and talked to hubby while the apple cake finished. By the time the cake and rolls were finished, the girls had set the table and we sat down to eat our nice cozy warm meal.

Except I felt AWFUL! All of a sudden my back was hurting, I had a horrible headache and I felt like I could just fall asleep on the table. Michael got VERY excited, thinking I was in labor, so he rushed me upstairs to bed and packed my hospital bag. I kept trying not to get caught up in his excitement and tell him that it was just because I had been working so hard the last two days. He wouldn't fall for it. (Michael LOVES this stuff! REALLY he does! He calls about every hour and asks if I'm ready to have the baby yet. He is so excited. He is usually REALLY hard to handle the last month, but he's so cute about it!) So he left me upstairs and came down to watch the baby until A. Miss Tonja got here at 10 or B. I called him to tell him to go to the hospital. He had his cell phone downstairs and he called up about every 15 minutes to see if there was any change yet. (I was having contractions, but they weren't at all regular) I finally told him I was going to sleep and I would call him if there was a change!

For a quick recap of overnight: I woke up when Tonja came in (she fell down trying to get in our house 3 times!) and Michael came up and bugged asked me about the contractions and how often, etc. I finally got him calmed down and snoring and I ended up not being able to sleep until 2AM! Every time I rolled over or moved all night long he'd ask me if I was okay. Yes, he is VERY sweet. Just a little too excited for being a month out! To make a long story short (wait...too late, this is already long, sorry!) I am still pregnant this morning.

He asked if I wanted him to take a vacation day today and I told him to wait until something exciting happens like my water breaks or something! He was disappointed and he has already called twice from work to see if anything has changed, but I think he'll be okay! LOL. I sincerely hope this baby comes soon, just so we don't have to do this for a WHOLE MONTH!!!

And, as a wonderful side note, albeit very ironic, my friend Lisa is on her way to the hospital this morning to have her baby girl! She sent an email saying her contractions are regular and they were heading off. So please pray for them to have a quick and easy delivery! :-)


Unknown said...

Too cute!!! At least night...I'm sure if you have more prodromal labor during the next few weeks it won't be cute. LOL!!

Your unofficial doula speaking here....Take it as easy as you can...keep yourself hydrated...warm baths are your friend! ;)

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a crazy night you had! At least your husband loves you :) !!

I hope this last month of the pregnancy goes well for you and that you aren't feeling so horrible the entire four weeks. Good luck! We will keep you in our prayers ... and Lisa, too. Did she have her baby?