Monday, January 08, 2007

Our amazing, super-abundant baby Shower

My friend Becky had a shower for me at our church with friends from my old homeschool group, my church, family and most of my closest friends. We ended up with over 30 adults! (she didn't receive very many RSVPs so she started praying that it would be large. WOW, Becky....the prayers of the faithful!) It was amazing and we were super-abundantly blessed. Ethan is not going to lack for clothes.

Thank you Becky!!


The Zandi Zoo said...

I was waiting for this blog entry. YAY! Looks like a great shower. I am glad that you were blessed like that! Oh, and how cute is Miss Kaedra in those pics?? Sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

That was such an awesome shower. It was HUGE too! I have to say the candy bars smooshed into the diapers game was pretty icky (but still fun). It was great getting to see your girls Kahri and to visit with Alison and her girls. You are all delightful! I was so happy to be invited! :-)

Unknown said...

Great pics!!

I'm so sorry I missed it. :(

An Ordinary Mom said...

How fun!

I will have to come back and see all the pictures when my internet connection is working a little faster.

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry i couldn't come.. I really wanted to but we performed two different plays that I was directing on Saturday and Friday evening I was still making props! I'm so glad you had a big turn out. I would loved to have said hi to Allison and Kim. I've actually ran into Kim a couple of times at Reasors but there is never much of a chance to chat... ANYWAY.... It looks like it was a wonderful time and I am so sorry I missed it! It looks like Kaedra is getting good practice in on giving her new baby brother some lovin'!