Saturday, January 13, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday #2

Well this week didn't go as well with my praying. I kept praying at night when I woke up but I had also planned on adding regular prayer time back into my day and I didn't get that done. I also can't find the prayer journal I have been working on!?!?!? I am determined to find it tonight and finish up my plan.

Michael and I have not had a chance to do our nightly bible time yet, but hopefully tonight. I will only be sleeping with him 4 nights a week (because of nursing issues) so I am hoping we can definitely do our bible time those nights. We do need to work on our timing. He usually goes to bed around 9 and our nurse won't be coming in until 10 on the 4 nights she works. Kaedra doesn't go to bed until after 10, usually, so I don't know how we are going to juggle her and bible time.

I worked on a new habit for this week, too. I got my household journal done including my morning and evening routines and the girls' chores charts. I also made a list of things we need to do on Saturday nights to make our Sunday mornings easier. I saw a planner on WFMW that looks really great. It is called the Polestar Family Calendar. Because I am a planner junkie, I decided not to rush in and buy it but to make a page similar to it on my computer and see if it works for me. I did that for this week and it was very nice. I just need to look at it more often! I am getting closer to buying it. I will give it one more week. :-) I wish it had one more column, a column for school, but, of course, they are not tailoring it for me! I could use the "to do" column for school and put to dos along the top or something.

I have too many systems I am trying to use. As I said, I am a planner junkie, but I am also an organizing junkie, scheduling junkie, etc. I have a PDA, Outlook on my computer, a family calendar, the household journal, a homeschool planner, homeschool planner software...and the list goes on! I KNOW (in my head) that I need to have one system and stick with it. My problem is, I haven't figured out what works yet!

So, my goals for next week:
1. prayer time/bible time (during the day)
2. prayer time/bible time with hubby
3. keep using household journal and remember to refer to it daily!
4. Figure out what system I am going to use and pare the other ones down.

I also want to put my to do list on here every week. If I get confused about which system I am using, at least I know I can check on it here! LOL. I will also be held accountable by all of you!

So here are my to dos for this week:
1. organize Ethan's clothes and put away in our room
2. put up our Munchkin cart
3. get carseat out of attic and wash cover
4. pack my hospital bag
5. get out (after ice melts) and buy the few things I need before Ethan gets here
6. get diapers out of the attic and test them to see if they still work! (I bought about 4-5 packs of diapers for Kaedra but, since she was hospitalized for 10 months, never had to use them with her. I don't know if the tape on them will be any good after 2 years of hot and cold in the attic...I was talking to my friend Denise and we decided I could just use duct tape all the way around his belly!! LOL)
7. Clean up, declutter and organize living room.
8. Get laundry done! (even if it means taking it to a laundromat)
9. get school schedule made for next few months.
10. Get Emily's school put into individual daily sections.
11. Girls clean school room.

I have two "play dates" this week. Both for me and the girls! On Monday my friend Teri is supposed to come over with her four children, since they don't have school because of MLK Day. However, because of the ice, I am fairly certain she will cancel. Wednesday we have planned to go to Alison's house and have lunch with them after my weekly ultrasound. Hopefully the weather will be better by then (although the meteorologists aren't being very optimistic).

Okay, that's my week past and ahead.

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Jen said...

I'm such a planner junkie too! I had the Polestar and I did like it. It worked for awhile, but I got bored with it. I'm currently using a planner that I picked up at Target for $5.99. It is called a Rollabind planner. It is ok, but I'm thinking about going back to the Amy Knapp Family Organizer. It is the only one that I consistently looked at.

Good luck with your new goals! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love the duct tape idea! You know it really does work on everything! :) You are doing all of this and are pregnant? You're a real go-getter, huh? I read a bit about your family's story and it really touches my heart! Your family is just beautiful and congratulations on this newest edition you all will be welcoming into your lives very shortly! Good luck with your *habits*! I checked out that it! I can not live without a calendar! Have a great rest of the weekend! God Bless!

An Ordinary Mom said...

No wonder you have so many planning systems, you have a lot to keep track of. I hope you finally figure out which one works best for you. I finally opted for my weekly planning calendar which sits next to my computer, because it is nice to be able to jot things down on it when the computer is not on.

Good luck with all you have going on this week. I am glad to see you have some fun playdates scheduled for yourself, too!

Kristi said...

I wish I could figure out a perfect system too!! I have a desk calendar, a calendar I type on my computer that goes in our family organizing binder and then a planner. I feel like I am constantly writing things in. But good for you for making your own version of that planner and seeing if it will work for you!

Good luck with your goals for the week. And don't beat yourself up if you don't get to them all, you have to take care of yourself too!!

Lara said...

Why not just print your own planner pages all the time? That way you get exactly what you want. It is such a relief to have finally found a planner that works for me. Let us know what you decide on.