Wednesday, August 03, 2005

well let's see.....lots and lots has happened since I last blogged. First of all, Kaedy has two teeth!! She just got them this last week and they popped out one after another. They are a little tender for her, but she seems to like them. :-) She is trying to learn to blow kisses. She makes a kissy face, but does not know how to "let go" of the kiss. She is really showing her wonderful personality and just really blossoming lately. I can't wait for everyone to meet her. She SOO loves to be the center of attention! LOL We leave for San Antonio a week from this Saturday. Hallelujah!! it is time for some more miracles! :-) Our goal is to have Kaedy home by the Tuesday after Labor Day, if not sooner. Our doctor does not think that will be a problem at all.

I have been simplifying my life. (or attempting to) I got rid of my darling dog, Sugar. I adored her and she worshipped me, but she pooped everywhere all day long and I couldn't take any more of that. My house and my sanity are more important. It has been hard, though. I try not to think about it but then I do and I go on a crying jag for a little bit. Enough of that, I don't want to go on one now. I also had to give up volunteering to do the FAITH (my homeschool group) library. I have had the library in our attic for the last two years but I was very overwhelmed and not doing a good job keeping up with it. It had become overgrown very quickly and I needed help. Luckily some friends from the group came and got it and are taking care of it. Another Hallelujah!! A monkey off of my back!! I gave away our piano because it kept wanting me to put money into it. My idea was I would sow our piano for a new piano. Well it worked! Today one of my closest friends offered us her keyboard. Isn't she awesome???? Isn't God AWE-SOME??? Now I don't have the fuss of the piano that we had, but I can still get Britty lessons and she will be able to practice!! I still have many more things to simplify, but at least I am on the road.

We had Brittany's b'day party this past weekend. She had 5 friends over and there ended up being 3 Emilys, 2 Brittanys, an Averi and an Alison. It was a "spa" party and they did each other's nails and toe nails, they did peel-off masks, cucumbers on the eyes, computer hair makeovers and soaked their feet in salts. They stayed up until about 4am when they woke me up. I came down and told them since they had woken us up they needed to go to sleep. They were good girls and were quiet the rest of the night. :-) They are all very sweet girls and I love them all.

For Brittany's actual b'day we went to Big Splash with one of the Emily's (the one from church). They had a WONDERFUL time and I met a great family there while lounging in one of the pools. They have a little girl with CP that they are believing for a complete healing for. I ended up talking with her mommy most of the afternoon which was very nice, even if it was totally unlike me!!

We started 5th grade today. We are doing a new curriculum, it is AWESOME. I LOVE it!! It is called Ancient History: Adam to Messiah. It is from the Heart of Wisdom people. Today we got through 1 1/2 lessons and we really like it. We are going to be learning so much and big changes are happening now that Brittany is in the "logic" stage of her development. The only thing she is having problems with right now is she does not like to re-do any of her work. She is going to have to get used to that so she can learn to write papers properly. I know she will become accustomed to it, though, it will just take a little practice. She also needs a little more time on memorizing math facts. I figure she can really work on that while I am in San Antonio so that by the time I get back, she has them down pat.

Well off to bed for now....have to be ready for another school day tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Emily LOVED Brittany's party. Thank you so much for inviting her. :0)