Friday, August 05, 2005

Well Michael is off to Las Vegas tomorrow morning early for a business trip. It is Walgreen's biannual managers' meeting. He will be gone for 5 days and we are all sad. It just won't be the same around here without him!! We have a surprise planned for him for when he gets back, I won't put it on here, yet, in case he reads this in the morning before he goes. Anyway, it will take some work on our part, but it will be nice to finally have it done! :-)

Michael and I went on a "Kaedy date" again tonight. We went out to eat at Delta Cafe and then went and visited Kaedy. She was in a GREAT mood and was thrilled to see both of us at once. She is still teething and was enjoying sucking on a vibrating teether. We played a little while and then it was time for her to eat. Michael "fed" her through her tube and then I rocked her to sleep. It was a really nice time.

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