Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am still in San Antonio but Michael went home today. :-( My mom is here to keep me company (although she says it's just to see the baby!). Kaedy is doing better but she had an artery clog in her arm that turned her arm horrible colors. They took the lines out of her arm as soon as they saw the problem and it is slowly getting better (they are giving her heparin and putting warm compresses on it) but now it looks much like a tye-dyed arm. It hurts her to move the arm so she is not moving it much. The rest of her is moving quite a bit....her legs are up in the air (as usual) and her other arm is up and grabbing at everything. She seems very happy until she has to cough or until she moves in the wrong way and then she cries and cries. I think she has finally hit her limit on how much she wants to tolerate. She bopped herself on the head today and started crying whereas she would usually not have minded at all. Poor little thing. I can't wait to pick her up. Hopefully she will be ready for that by Monday. And we are still hoping she can go back to Tulsa by Wednesday, but I will keep you updated!!

We went on the river walk boat ride today. It was a very nice ride, about 35 minutes long, with a tour guide. The only problem was the tour guide sounded JUST like Squidworth from Spongebob. We saw some neat sites including some cool trees whose roots come straight up from the ground. (I took pictures which I will post later)

Okay, I am off to copy down a crochet pattern. I am tired of trying to make the same hat over and over so my mom suggested I make something else. I think it's a great idea! However, I forgot we don't have a printer hooked up so I am going to have to actually write down the pattern....ugh!!! I brought TONS of stuff to do while I was here and I have barely done any of it, but at least I brought a selection. I will have tons of time to do great things once Kaedy is home!! WOOHOO!! We are nearing the end!!!!

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