Monday, August 15, 2005

Well here is our lovely hotel in downtown San Antonio. It is nice and clean and I have no complaints about it. There is a trolley stop right in front of it, which is nice because the trolley and/or bus are our main sources of transportation right now!!

I was going to write about our trip, but I am sooo tired right now and we have to get up early in ther morning, so I will say my "blogging" for another time. I will just put up the update for anyone who didn't get it by email:

Well Kaedy finished all her tests here in San Antonio today. We talked to 3 doctors - Dr. Campbell, the orthopedic surgeon; Dr. Smith, the general surgeon; and Dr. Pinero, the pulmonologist. They were all very nice and they all were very impressed with Kaedy: her size and her development.

The doctors had lots of good things to say today:
1. they are saying Kaedy does not have Jarcho Levin
2. they think that she just has a few anatomical anomalies that caused some other problems.
3. they say it is not genetic, that it would be extremely unlikely to have any other children with this
4. they think she will soon be off the vent

We did find out that she has a herniated large intestine. They are planning on moving that back to where it belongs tomorrow during surgery.

Although the doctors would not say today whether or not Kaedy had been officially accepted into the titanium rib project, they all said (at one time or another) that she would have surgery tomorrow. They are supposed to give us the final word early in the morning and they are planning on taking her into surgery about 7am.

They are planning on doing the following things: (which could change during surgery)
1. taking two ribs from the right side to stabilize the left side.
2. implanting two VEPTR rods (the titanium ribs) - both on the left side, one close to the spine, one closer to underneathe the arm.
3. fixing the herniated intestine
4. detaching the diaphragm and reattaching it lower down

It is supposed to take approximately 5 hours.

That is all we know right now in the physical realm. However, we know the TRUTH and the truth is that she is healed.

The verse we have been standing on all along is Luke 8:50. "Do not be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed." We ARE NOT afraid and we completely believe that she IS healed. Thank you for agreeing with us about this and for your prayers. We praise God for her healing and that she is restored from head to toes. God is a good God...ALL THE TIME. He is not responsible for this, but we know who is....and he has been found out, ousted and owes us back the previous 9 months. HALLELUJAH!!! Please join us in thanking Him for her healing...

Having received Kaedy's miracle, in Jesus' precious name,

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Praising God for the Good News!!!
YAY!!! Can't wait to hear more of it!!!