Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thank you all for your faithful prayers!

Kaedy had a very smooth surgery with no problems. In fact, the nurse walked out and said that "God must be smiling down on this baby." (of course we KNOW that!!!)
These are the things they did for her:
1. They moved one rib from the right side to the left side
2. They moved the bottom ribs on her left side up to where they belong.
3. They detached her left side diaphragm and reattached it in the proper place.
4. Two titanium ribs were put in on her left side.
5. Her intestinal hernia was fixed

The doctors were very happy with the results. They are expecting her to come off of the ventilator before Christmas, but we are expecting it much quicker than that! :-) We have no information about how quickly we can get out of here, they said it just depends on her and how quickly she can come off of all the tubes and get back on her own ventilator. We are expecting supernatural recovery and a return trip soon! Best case scenario looks like about 3-4 days. Lots of people have been asking if she would come home or go back to St. John's in Tulsa. The plan is for her to leave here and return to the hospital in Tulsa. She would stay there approximately a week and then she would COME HOME!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! Please join us in thanking God for her supernatural recovery and the fact that she will be home soon!!!

I have another praise....several months ago a wonderful woman from ORU came to visit Kaedy - Sue Jester. One of the things we talked about was how to pray for the surgery. She counseled me to start praying then for spirit-filled people all around Kaedy down here in San Antonio. Our pilot on the way down was spirit-filled and so was the OR nurse today. I told the nurse, we have been praying for you to be here today for a loooong time. It was wonderful to share prayers with these people and the OR nurse even annointed Kaedy before the surgery as well....I felt awesome that she was in there during the surgery, speaking words of life over our precious baby.

Here are the pictures so far from our trip...they include pictures of Kaedy after the surgery but we don't have pictures of the xrays yet. We will try to get those so we can show you the amazing differences. I put these pics on OFOTO since we are away from home. There are three different sets...




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