Monday, August 29, 2005

Well I am down on the 5th floor of the San Antonio hospital again, using the internet while Kaedy sleeps. I keep having thoughts swirl around in my head that I should get down and write....Thought I would take a minute now and do that... first of all, an update. Kaedy got her JP drain out today...HALLELUJAH! Now we are just waiting on the incision. It is looking good (according to the doctors and nurses) so I am hoping we can come home fairly soon. Today is a weird day for me. The residents that we have had the whole time we have been here are now gone. Our favorite resident, Michael, had his last day here on Friday. They moved Kaedy to a different room yesterday (without telling me first, which REALLY freaked me out! and without moving her bags she brought from Tulsa, so they got taken to "lost and found!") We have a different nurse today, we don't have Michael and the hospital seems like a much different place...not as wonderful. I realize I am a creature of habit and I like things to stay the same so I need to grow a little in that area and get used to change better.

I had Kaedy sitting up in a high chair today. She was loving it, watching everyone that walked by, saying "hi" and "dadadada" and playing. When I went to get her out and put her on the crib, her trach came out. That was the first time that has happened to me. I called for nurses, but noone came so I just popped it back in and kept calling for nurses (I couldn't see it really well to make sure it was in right). Finally a bunch of nurses came all at once and Kaedy was fine (her sats never went down) and they were all proud of me. I had to calm my heart a little afterwards, but I have to say I wasn't really scared. It was just a "do what you have to do" moment. So, that's another thing I can cross off of my "things I need to do before we can take Kaedy home" list.

Downtown San Antonio is not a wonderful place. I can't speak for the rest of the town, so I won't venture a guess on whether I like it or not. I am also thinking that I probably would not like hardly any downtown places, unless they were little towns like Broken Arrow...I LOVE their downtown! There are a lot of homeless people here and I get asked for money quite a bit. The park across from the hospital has a lot of folks who sleep on the benches or ground. There are a lot of pigeons and they are very friendly...they are probably my favorite part of downtown! I ride a trolley back and forth from the hospital to the hotel and anywhere else I need to go. I have met some very nice trolley drivers, but most are grumpy and seem tired of people. I try to give them all huge smiles and let them know I appreciate them. There is a restaurant here called Shiloh's (pronounce she-lows) that is owned by Germans. It is my favorite place to eat. I feel very comfortable there, the food is good and I don't feel odd being by myself. My second favorite place is probably Denny's. There is some awesome Mexican food around here, but I don't feel comfortable going there alone..the places we went were more of a "get-together" atmosphere. My mom suggested I get some food there "to-go." I may do that! This place really seems like another country. I don't even feel like I am still in the U.S. It is very different here from Broken Arrow. In the last 24 hours I have seen an older man who was tatooed on every part of his body (that I could see) from the neck down, two ladies kissing, a man asleep with pigeons all over him, two FULL blocks of middle eastern women sitting on the sidewalks (I later figured out that they were waiting for two tour buses), a cowboy (hat, tight jeans, skoal in back pocket, boots, and a lasso stuck beside him) driving a trolley and a man with obscenities tattooed onto his bald (and very large) head. It has been interesting!

My mom and I had a good time. I miss having her least I could be sharing these sights with her or we could be talking the pros and cons of tinkerbell and what it would feel like if a giant could pick us up and hold us (sorry...private jokes! LOL). She is calling every day, though, and I am glad she came. That was the nicest time I have had with her. We even got matching Alamo mood rings!!! LOL I'm wearing mine, MOM!!

Well I better get off of here, the library is closing...I will be back someday soon.

Blessings to you all!!


Mammy said...

Wow. I followed your blogspot link from a yahoo homeschooling group (for special needs homeschoolers) that I am in. And to think, when I started reading email, I was feeling sorry for myself because it is raining, I am grouchy, the kids are spazzy and to top it off, I stubbed my toe ripping the nail off.

Pales in comparison to the challenges you are living with. I am sort of ashamed at myself - this just puts it all in perspective.

Anyway, Kaedy is a GORGEOUS little baby girl. She, along with the rest of your family, are now in my prayers.

And I bookmarked your blog - I'll be back often to see how things are going.

God bless you. :)

theclamwhisperer said...

Whiterabbit sent me. I read her blog and she mentioned you. I will also keep you in my prayers. I look forward to the day you write you guys are going home. I'll keep reading until then!