Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well Kaedy is in surgery right now and instead of sit there and fall asleep, I came up to the brand new library (opened yesterday...they must have heard I was coming!! LOL)to use their computer. Michael is antsy so he came up for a minute and then went right back down. So far Kaedy has been in surgery a little over 4 hours (including the 1 hour of anesthesia time). So far they have moved over 1 rib from the right side to the left side, attached one VEPTR device and they are starting to raise her bottom left ribs to the proper place. Then they are planning to put in the other VEPTR, detach and reposition her diaphragm and move her herniated large intestine. She will be completely sedated for several days so I guess this is the time when we will be sight seeing...lol.

Speaking of sight seeing...let me tell you about our first few days...

We had an excellent plane ride. I was more worried about our luggage then actually coming here. We had been told that we had to be really careful to not bring too much luggage. I squished and rearranged and took stuff out of the suitcases until I had it down to their limit. When we got to the airport, the pilot came to get our bags and said "is this all?" Whew, first concern taken care of! The plane was very nice....it ended up being a lear jet. It was very comfortable and much quieter than I thought our ride would be. The ride took a little over 1 hour and Kaedy slept the entire time. She did wake up out on the runway after the flight because the wind was really blowing in her face, but she went right back to sleep.

We got a ride with the two pilots of the plane over to the hospital and found Kaedy fairly quickly. She was doing great and already charming everyone, of course. We got her all signed in and napping and then decided to head to the hotel so we could get settled. We knew there were trollies around here but had no idea where to catch them. A nice man from the information desk (who reminded me of my late Uncle Lee) took us outside and showed us. We went where he showed us but then realized he was wrong so we found the other trolley stop and caught the trolley soon after. I don't think we noticed a thing about the town on that ride. We had our luggage on the trolley (had been rolling it from street to street) and we just wanted off and to get settled!

We found the Red Roof Inn and got checked in and unpacked. We tried the laptop that a friend lent me and it started up fine but refused to log on. I was very disappointed but we decided to go back and see Kaedy and I was just going to pray about it and I knew it would work when we got back.

We went back and saw Kaedy for a few more hours and met many of the people taking care of her. We got her up and played with her and cuddled with her and then decided we needed to go find food and go back to the hotel to sleep. We thought Walgreens might have the part for the computer that we needed so we found where a downtown Walgreens was and got the trolley for there. By the time we got there, the store was closed for the night. We decided to walk around a little to try to find somewhere to eat. Unbelievably most of the restaurants were closed! We took a little alleyway and came upon some beautiful fountains. I thought we should go look at the fountains a little closer so we went to do that and stumbled into the Alamo!!! It is just sitting right in the middle of a bunch of high rise buildings! I told Michael, "that's the Alamo" and he said, "no it isn't." A few minutes later he realized it really was. We took a few pictures and as we were walking away we heard the same conversation go on with another couple...that really made us laugh!

We followed the fountains down some stairs and into the Hyatt Hotel. As we came out of the Hyatt we realized we had found the river walk. It is VERY DIFFERENT than what I thought it would be and is almost impossible to describe. It is below ground level, for one thing, and is very "rain forest" like. There are lots of ferns and exotic trees and flowers down there. We were there after dark and it was a tad slippery and seemed like a whole different world. We couldn't find anywhere we wanted to eat down there so we went back above ground and decided we would find the Denny's we had seen on one of our trolley rides. Unfortunately, we were very turned around and ended up walking several blocks the wrong direction! We found a grumpy German information man that directed us the proper way and to the proper trolley. We rode that to the Denny's and had a very nice, very late meal and eventually got back home by walking a few more blocks to another trolley. WHEW. We played with the computer a little more, trying to get it to sign on and it didn't work. We gave up and called it a night.

On Sunday, we woke up very late.....it was about 9 by the time we got up! We haven't slept that late in years!! My neice called me and hooked me up with the sound guy at my church so I could listen to the sermon on my telephone. I listened to all 2 hours of it on my phone and loved it. I had my bible out, I was taking notes, it was just like usual except I was snacking on nuts, pop and had my jammies on!! LOL I don't think Pastor would go for that on a regular basis....

We got over to see Kaedy about 1 or so and they were running a bunch more tests on her. We asked around where the nearest place we could get computer parts was and the closest anyone could think of was possibly the rivercenter mall right here in the downtown. While she was having some more tests done, we decided to run over there and see what we could find. (We went by Walgreens first and they didn't have any...their store was REALLY small and old and even had an underground stockroom!!) We had lunch at the mall, on the riverwalk with several pigeons (including one who liked egg rolls) and then found out that there was NOWHERE that sells computer parts in the downtown area. We asked and asked and kept getting told the same thing...we needed to go across town. We walked back to see Kaedy and the nurse there helped us call around to find what we needed and where to get it. She even helped us call the bus station, but they weren't doing what we needed to do. We ended up leaving Kaedy about 8 and going by cab to the nearest Best Buy and getting the part. We walked and walked trying to find a bus where we were, but there either weren't any or they weren't running at that time. We got a cab back and practically passed out on our bed, exhausted from all the running around town. We did manage to install the network card, though, and get the computer up and running Hallelujah!!!

Yesterday was much less eventful. We came to the hospital about 830am and we were hoping to see and talk to the doctors. We eventually did, about 630pm we had talked to everyone and decided to head home. The funny thing is, we met some ladies at one of the trolley stops and we were helping them figure out the trollies to get where they wanted to go! We are now the "experts" - that is scary!! LOL They ended up talking to us about the baby and telling us that they were praying for a miracle for her too. We got "home" pretty late and tried to find some dinner. We didn't end up eating until around 930 or 10pm and then we went to bed soon after.

Well that brings y'all up to date. We are getting used to San Antonio. It is not my favorite place by any means....but it is interesting. I can't wait to come home....I miss home! I really love Broken Arrow and can't wait to get back there: to my church, my home, my friends, etc. Now that Kaedy has had surgery, we need prayers for a supernatural recovery time. We are still believing in her miraculous healing because no matter what the circumstances are, God's Word has not changed. She IS healed. We are still rejoicing over her fully restored body and although Satan is trying to keep it from manifesting, Jesus has ALREADY paid the price and won the battle, so we have no fears.

Thank you for the prayers and keep 'em coming!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Gary and I went to the Alamo. We had the exact same conversation!! We expected it to be set off more by itself and more....revered I guess. Not part of downtown!!

We are still praying here. Thank you for the updates. Journal again when she is out of surgery.