Thursday, August 04, 2005

The girls and I took Kaedy outside again today, for her second time ever. Rachel, the nurse who is going to go with us to San Antonio (not the original one, this is the one after talking to the dr), said we needed to get her used to being outside so she doesn't "freak out" next Saturday. So we took her outside with Kurt, one of the RTs. She did very well. It was about 98 degrees and VERY humid so we didn't stay out long. She closed her eyes for most of the time and scratched the side of her seat with her hand. (that's one of the things she does when she is nervous) I will take her out again tomorrow to gradually get her used to more and more time outside. They won't let me take her outside on my own, so I have to wait for a nurse or RT to be available. They have a critical patient right now up in ICU so the nurses don't have a chance to "play" with me. Hopefully there will be someone able to go out with us again tomorrow. After we took her outside, the girls and I played with her awhile in the play room. Brittany made some cool Tinkertoy creations while Emily played in the house and car they have there. Kaedra played with a Fisher Price Telephone. After about 15 minutes she got very tired and started yawning. I turned her toward me and cuddled with her and she went right to sleep. What a darling!! to do school and laundry.....a mother's work is never done. :-)


Heather said...

Hey Lady! :)

Looking forward to reading an update about the trip!!

I feel so bad...I really wanted to get up there to see you gals this week, forgot to email you then ran out of week. :( The older two girls are at my Mom's this week, next week we really start our full school schedule, and Kev is supposed to start a new job sometime next week!

One of these days we'll have to get together somewhere...somehow. I miss chatting with you!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kahri, it's Jacob's mom Kim
I just wanted to say that i am so happy to hear how well Kaedra doing. Good luck on your trip to TX. Jacob also used to freak out being outside. He hated for the sun to be in his eyes. I used sunglasses on him and the roller shade on the car window next to him. It took a while but he finally got used to it. But it seemed to be a struggle for quite a while. I guess it is sometimes hard to adapt to the outside.

Again good luck