Thursday, September 01, 2005

Righteous Anger

I just have to get a few things off of my chest here..... (I have just spent the last few minutes on two message boards and it wasn't my place to offend anyone on the boards, so I am just going to say my piece here...)

1. God is a GOOD God ALL THE TIME....He does not create bad things to "teach us a lesson" or help us grow. Bad things happen because of Satan. God=good, Satan=bad
If anyone needs clarification of this or would like to talk to me more about it, please email me and I will be happy to talk about is my favorite subject.

2. Our God supplies ALL of our needs out of HIS riches in glory. (Phil 4:19) We do not need to complain or worry about gas prices....God supplies all of our needs!!! But we have to know it! Not only do we have to know it, we have to claim it! We have to speak it! We have to get our angels working on it! When you speak doubt, unbelief and fear you are turning your angels into couch potatoes and leaving the door wide open for Satan to come in and work.

3. Proverbs says that the tongue has the power of life and death. (Prov 18:21) Which will you choose? Do you realize how God created the world? He spoke. He spoke and it was done. God spoke and the world came into being. What comes into being when you speak? Do you speak fear? unbelief? doubt? You do when you complain about all of your ailments, your lack of money, how nothing goes right for you. It is then that Satan can get a foothold and come in. BUT, we can correct that. We can start speaking life. We can catch ourselves when we speak the wrong things, and correct them. We can submit to God, resist the devil (and his way of deceiving us into seeing the world) and the devil will flee from us. (James 4:7) It is not too hard.....Greater is HE who is in us (God) than he who is in the world (Satan). (1 John 4:4)

You know, I love talking to those that talk life. It is exhilarating just being with them. It is awesome to feel the presence of God amongst us, just while we are talking our everyday talk. Do you experience that? Or do you feel weighed down by the world and all that is going on in it? When you are done talking to your friends, do you feel worse? Do you think that God has forgotten you or is too busy elsewhere? Do you think that your worries and problems are too large to overcome? or Do you think that if you talk life you won't be "telling the truth?" Let me explain another thing...

4. This is pretty radical....are you ready? Are you sure? Are you sitting down? .....

This world is not real.

That's's not real. It is a "realm." The "natural realm." There is another realm - the "spiritual realm." It is the spiritual realm that is "real." When I say that Kaedy is healed, I am not lying, I am not wishing, I am not "stretching the truth" or hoping to convince myself. I am speaking the truth...the truth of the spiritual realm. Kaedy IS healed. So are all of us. It was "finished" 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross for us. He died to give us salvation - the Greek word is sozo. Sozo means salvation, healing, and deliverance including deliverance from poverty. Jesus died so we could have an abundant life including healing and prosperity.

Now follow me here....I am not a great theologian, so I will have to explain this in my terms....

I know there are two realms because I believe the Bible.

What do I mean? Well....if Jesus died on the cross so we could be healed, and we don't feel healed...where is the discrepancy? Did Jesus die in vain? NO! He did not die in vain if we understand the way the world works. We ARE the spiritual realm. Satan attempts to deceive us (his only power) into thinking that we are NOT healed, that we are NOT saved, that we are NOT delivered! I explained it to Brittany this know the books that have a picture on the page and then there is a transparency that you can put on top of the picture to learn more? Think of our body on the page, perfect, whole and completely well. Satan tries to put a transparency over that page that has various ailments and diseases on it. Everytime we claim one of those ailments or diseases and call it "ours" it becomes ours and then we have to live with it. However, if we know that Satan is just trying to deceive us, all we need to do is catch him at his game, tell him we know the truth and praise God for our healing, our deliverance from poverty and our salvation! We may not "feel" any better but feelings are actually not a good gauge of the truth. Satan deals in "feelings." That is how he deceives us. We need to learn to trust The Word, over our feelings. The Word is the truth....the spiritual realm is the "real" realm. Every time we thwart Satan, speak life and praise God we get a little closer to living in that spiritual realm.

Okay, that is enough "preaching" for now. Like I said earlier, if you want to talk about any of this, let me know, I would love to. I am still learning myself, but I hope I am able to share when I learn with others...


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Mammy said...

I recently read an article in the Adventist Review and Herald that, in part, addressed the issue of a "good" God vs. a "bad" God. It was in response to a reader posted question on the R&H website.

Part of the questioning was, how can you say God is good when He lets all these bad things happen? Doesn't He have control.

The writer of this article responded by saying (basically) how many other religions can say their god would *allow* it's created beings to *choose*? How many other gods would be so confident in their omnipotence as to allow a rival to attempt an overthrow of heaven, and also, to allow it's created beings the freedom to *choose*.

God is good. He does allow the freedom of choice.