Wednesday, October 29, 2008

W'as happening...

I know, I know! I haven't been around to update! I am sorry!! See what happens when I get home and real life happens??

Speaking of real life...Saturday morning, 6am, all is quite and then KABOOM, KABLAM, SMASH, BREAK. I came running downstairs to see our nurse running towards the school room. We ended up on opposite sides of it, staring at the damage.

The bookshelf had fallen down. Now on this bookshelf are our games, photo albums, pictures, manipulatives, instruments, puzzles and science kits. Not the kind of stuff I want scattered all over the room! Especially since some of the pictures had glass frames that broke. (didn't find that out until last night)

Sooooo, I put it off as long as possible and finally got it cleaned up, with lots of help from the girls, this afternoon. Apparently a few containers of glitter exploded and we are all sparkly now. But so is the room:
I also packed up all of our photo albums and some of our games. At least that is out of the way now. :-)

Kaedra came home on Friday night. She has been thrilled to be home, although she was a bit worn out at first. Friday night was a very stressful night for all of us. We had some misunderstandings which ended up in no dinner, we were trying to get used to the new IV meds, we had lots of unpacking to do from the hospital and the whole family wasn't used to being together, so we had a little re-adjustment. Honestly, I was a bit freaked out by all the noise. (don't worry, I am back to normal now! I was just used to being in a quiet hospital room for a week! well, quiet if you don't count the "dora movie, dora movie" that was yelled about every 47 minutes)

She is doing really well. She isn't allowed to go anywhere (except the dr, of course!) until she has her picc line out a week from Friday. I don't want her going outside with it either, so she has been a bit cranky about it all. Once her lungs are a little stronger, I may allow her to venture into the backyard for a little, if the picc is completely covered up, but we will see. She is only off of the IV meds for very short periods during the day. She has been an absolute angel about the IV meds...hasn't gotten mad or irritated about it once. Okay, I say absolute angel...but you have to imagine an angel that likes to take her meds and swing them around like a yoyo doing "around the world". That freaks me out a little.

The rest of the family is doing great, getting back to normal. The girls are so excited we are home and Ethan wanted to cuddle for days! We took the weekend off to catch up on sleep and do some crafts (and ignore the above schoolroom). We used Monday to get caught up on some errands and Tuesday to go to a pumpkin patch and get pieces of costumes.

Today we started back to school, which went great. Brittany had her first "real" test today...not open book, not oral, not multiple choice - just a real 20 question, short answer, test on the Joy Hakim book "Making Thirteen Colonies." She got a 96% which we were all thrilled about!! WOOHOO!!! Great job, Brittany!!

We got some FABULOUS news yesterday!! Michael found out his contract has been extended for 6 months!! That means he will not be automatically demoted in 2 weeks. Hallelujah!!! God is so awesome!! We have 6 more months for him to find a store. AND, he has an interview for Springfield, Illinois on Friday.

So, I think that is all the news I can think of right offhand. I am going to go take my glittery self and start another IV for Kaedra. Fun times, fun times.

Thank you for all your prayers!! They are working mightily~


The Zandi Zoo said...

What a WONDERFUL update! LOVED it! YAy for Michael's 6 months & an interview too! WOW! I bet he is so happy about that. Love the pig nose. It still cracks me up. LOL!Give everyone hugs for us! We love you guys.

Cindy said...

Hey my comment is all ready someone from the zandi did you get into my head???Okay i'm kidding about the "getting into my head part" but I really enjoyed your update too, and also Yay!!! for your honey's interview and extension...I too love the pig nose...hmmmm...Congrats to Princess Brittany's test. Wahoooooo!!!
God is an awesome God. He has us in His hands even when we don't feel it.
Blessings and Joy!!!

Susan said...

So glad to hear the good report on Kaedra and about Michaels job situation. YEAH!!!!!