Sunday, October 19, 2008

update from spa St. John's

Well I sit her with Kaedra at "spa" St. John Hospital. She has this ultra-cool bed that she can put in any position she wants, she gets massages chest physiotherapy (beating on her back and lungs) three times a day, she gets everything she asks for, balloons and toys from a friend, drawings from said friend's kids and Emily, room decorations from Britty, bubbles, coloring books galore, and DORA ALL DAY. (update: I just found channel 76 which has soothing music and nature videography. I am telling you, we just need some aromatherapy) I am thinking this is all a grand plan of hers. "Hey, I'll get double pneumonia and go to the hospital and get all this special treatment and get to watch TV ALL DAY LONG and Mommy won't tell me no! WOOHOO!"

I think she might be regretting the decision a little though. She doesn't like the constant suctioning and the coughing that hurts when she does it and she misses her siblings quite a bit. (Emily came today to visit but Ethan and Brittany aren't feeling well so they couldn't come up) She doesn't like all the stuff hooked up to her and having to stay close to it all the time.

As for how she is doing: earlier today I would have said she wasn't doing that well. She seems to be doing better tonight. She is ready for bed, so I am off to sing her to sleep. Thank you for your prayers.

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Keep getting better Kaedy. We love you!