Monday, October 20, 2008

News from the trenches

Okay, today it seems less like a spa and more like the trenches. Maybe it's just the extended stay.

We finally saw our doctor this morning (he had been out of town until now) Kaedra has gram-negative pneumonia, which is a bad type. It usually only hits people with lung damage so that's why it hit her. They said that other people could get the same bugs and never even know it. We are still waiting for the cultures to come back to tell us more about the bacteria.

We had a scary incident a few minutes ago. I was changing her trach ties (the ties that hold her trach on) and Michael was holding the trach in. She tried to pull out the trach and he had to push it in hard. That caused her to vagale. (don't worry if you haven't heard of that, we hadn't either, even though it is really common) Her heart rate plummeted over 40 points in about 10 seconds, she voided everything, her eyes were rolling back and she looked awful. I started yelling but by the time the nurse got in there, she was fine. Very weird. Very scary (and unfortunately Emily was here for it) but very normal, apparently. Ya learn something new every day. Or at least every hospital stay. ;-)

Well, looks like she won't be coming home as quickly as we were hoping. They are waiting for the cultures to come back to make sure the antibiotics are correct, we are going to get an x-ray tomorrow showing how she is doing and hopefully she will be feeling a ton better!

Thank you for your prayers of agreement.


Amelia Antwiler said...

Oh, wow.
That would be much more excitement than anyone needs, certainly.

I'm so glad that she's doing better, after it all, though.

We're still praying and willing to bring whatever you might need/want.

hugs to you guys!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very scary! Glad it came and went quickly. You definitely have my prayers.

Cindy said...

Oh that is so scary! I am praying that your angel isn't feeling any discomfort or pain and that the Lord heals her, I'm also praying that your family is given the strength and comfort of knowing that He is in control. I can only imagine the fear that is hitting you now. We are going to stand on the fact that she is already well because He says ask and it will be given to you. And we are ah askin'!:-)

Susan said...

Oh Kahri, Our hearts and our prayers go out to ALL of you.