Thursday, October 02, 2008


The big excitement around here today is a Sam's Club manager opening in Oklahoma City. Although my husband has carefully indoctrinated me for almost 11 years about the evil's of OKC, he is now inexplicably excited about a job opening there. It just might have to do with the proximity to home, the fact that it would involve a good raise, and, um, the proximity to home. So now I am trying to forget all the things he told me and start fresh with a positive outlook on OKC. LOL! Silly man. Not the first time he has had to eat his words. He opted in today and should have his interview early next week. I will let you know more as I know more.

The other excitement came from me begging him and calling out all my feminine wiles (well maybe not all....gotta keep some hidden away for a new pda emergencies) to get him to watch the little people tomorrow night while Brittany, Emily and I go to the annual FAITH campout! Since he is working overnights again starting Saturday, it did not work out for us to camp overnight. However, we are going to go and spend the evening there with everyone and cook on the campfire and listen to Jim Walenciak sing. :-) (even if it takes Emily begging 3 times) We are VERY excited. We thought we would have to miss out on the whole thing and, since this is our last year here, we were very bummed. Now happy times (and s'mores) are here again.

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