Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Because once is just never enough...

Sooooo, tonight we were camped out in Kaedra's bed, finally starting Babe (those of you who know the Babe story can giggle a little now) and I noticed Kaedra's bed was getting wet. I checked her diaper but she was fine. I traced the wetness to her arm, called the nurse and told her the IV was leaking. Um no, I was wrong, the IV had come out and was spreading all over the bed. Guess what that means?

Yup, another IV. Two more pokes, lots more searching, little veins running and screaming, Kaedra screaming, the bed stained with blood...altogether a good time. And guess what, we never did get to watch Babe.


NeeCee said...

Bless that baby's heart! I so understand about IV problems. Abby has the same veins (inherited them from me.) and her veins were always so weak, they blew easily. No sooner would they FINALLY get a "good" vein and begin using it, when BAM, the thing would blow and we began the process all over again.

She is definitely in my prayers. Prayers being sent up for the momma watching the whole process too.

Susan said...

I wonder how many of these horrible experiences Kaedra will remember into adulthood? It just breaks our hearts.