Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Kaedra Update, brought to you by Mommy

I can't believe I haven't written since Tuesday. It SEEMS like I have written everyday! I am sorry not to keep you more informed.

Kaedra has steadily gotten better everyday. Tuesday, she sat up and painted for a few minutes and had to rest for quite awhile after that.

Wednesday, she was able to sit up several times and play, color and read.

Michael's friend, Jeff, came from OKC to see her and brought her a HUGE stuffed dog. She loves it.

Michael Kaedra-sat that night so I was able to go to church. I got to hear an awesome message from our pastor, Danny Zirkle.

Thursday, Kaedra had a picc line put in early in the morning. After they did an x-ray, they realized it was positioned wrong, so they had to do a little messing around with it until it was right where they wanted it to be. Kaedra and I did a craft project in the morning (I just made it up out of what I had on hand).

Kaedra's Sunday School teacher also came to visit her, which was very sweet! Thursday afternoon, I headed to the beach with Brandi and her family. Well, at least in spirit. check out her blog about it.

After my trip to the beach, we rested for awhile and then Sherria (my neice) came and kept us company. She brought Olive Garden (YUMMY!!!), Boggle, Battleship and Mancala. We had a blast playing games and hanging out. I kicked her out around 10ish so I could put Kaedra to sleep.

Today Kaedra has definitely shown that she is ready to go home. She had me rearrange the whole hospital room and then decided she didn't want it that way. She is cranky, moody and ready to go home! Once her IV is done at 4:30 we get to head home! We have been officially discharged! YEAH!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and support while we have been in here. I have a wonderful praise report, but I am going to write a separate post about that....

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