Friday, October 24, 2008

Our God is an Awesome God!

Kaedra watching TV while she waits for her IV to finish so we can go home:

So I have an AWE-some praise report!!

Wednesday night, our Doctor came in to Kaedra's room late in the evening. He told us that her x-rays (from the day before) were about 60% better than the x-rays on Friday. Michael and I were a little disappointed in that, thinking that wasn't a very good percentage. However, our doctor was very happy! He basically said that she should have been much worse as far as what bacteria she had and how her x-rays looked. "On paper", she should have been a great deal worse than she ever seemed. He said this had been a VERY, VERY severe case of pneumonia. Much more serious than most he had seen. However, he was **THRILLED** with how well she was doing in general and how well she was healing. He said "the only explanation was prayer!" HALLELUJAH!! He just couldn't get over her miraculous (his word) recovery and how well she did during the whole thing.

More praises:
*she has never gone on her ventilator this whole time! So, we don't have to wean her off again! HALLELUJAH!!
*she is on the lowest setting of oxygen the hospital regulator can do, which is almost nothing!
*Dr. Carey said as soon as she is up to it we can continue the decannulation process!!(getting her trach out)

MANY MANY Hallelujahs

Thank you for your prayers. Now you have PROOF they are working!!

"I sing praises to Your name, Oh Lord,
Praises to Your name, Oh Lord,
For Your name is great,
and greatly to be praised.

I give glory to Your Name, Oh Lord,
Glory to Your name, Oh Lord.
For Your name is great,
and greatly to be praised."


Susan said...

Our God is FAITHFUL!!!

Cindy said...

Praise God! He sure is amazing and (whether we think so) right on time. Everything is in His hands. I am so happy for you guys and that angel of yours.