Wednesday, October 01, 2008


by Emily Lynn (7)

On Saturday we cleaned out backyard. We raked up leaves. My daddy got a fire of sticks and leaves. We covered the pool. Bubba swinged. I swinged. When Mommy was washing the top of the porch I was on the other side and I saw a rainbow. And then my daddy walked out, of course because he was taking a nap. We washed the table, the sticks, the little table for the kids, the toys and we got all wet. I can still remember today that our Daddy brought the sticks over by our pool.

Yesterday we did school outside. It was kind of hard because Kaedra didn't obey Mommy and she was crying and in time out for an hour. (note from was Kaedra crying and in time out, not me. Although it was close) Yesterday I fell off my sister's swing. I found berries. Yesterday we saw squirrels and we went into our fort. We were coloring outside too.


Melanie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the guest blogger today!

Unknown said...

Wonderful job Emily!!! :)

The Zandi Zoo said...

Great blog Emily. I loved hearing from you!! How fun to do school in the backyard! What a treat!