Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday 6/3/07 Kaedra update

Ethan and I are heading up to Kansas City in about 2 hours. (5pm Sunday evening) I don't know if I can update while I am up there. If I have a problem, I will ask Sherria or Brandi to update you.

The doctor is still planning on doing the surgery. If so, it will be tomorrow evening probably around 6pm. We are still believing the skin will be so healed tomorrow that he will not want to do any surgery. If you are praying, please agree with us for that. Thank you!!

Kaedra did really well yesterday. Here are the updates:
1. The doctor said it looked like the open area reduced in size. He told Michael that we were "lucky." Michael set him straight. ;-)
2. The ICU doctor wanted her to try a night off of the vent. He had four reasons.
a. he doesn't think she needs it and he can do a test on her while there to make sure he is right
b. he doesn't want her in ICU with an open wound that could get bad germs while there, she can go on the regular floor if she is not on the vent
c. he doesn't want her in ICU being so healthy where she could get RSV or the other things that are there.
d. She is REALLY much too healthy to be in ICU. Although the nurses find it fun to have her, she needs a lot more work and time since she wants to play and get into everything.
3. They tried her off the vent last night and she did great. YEAH!! We have been praying for that! So they are moving her to the regular floor today. WOOHOO! That means I can also take Ethan up there with me, although they are saying I can't spend the night there with Ethan. We are praying to have favor in that area. (I could spend the night at the hotel or Ronald McDonald House, if it opens up, but I'd feel better being right there in case she woke up. The nurses aren't so close by on the regular floor.
4. The surgeon is planning on operating tomorrow, instead of today. That will give the antibiotics a little more time. He wants to go in and cut out the bad skin and see if it will stretch over the titanium rib when he stitches it. If he thinks it will not stretch, he will remove the titanium rib.

We are praying that he will look at the wound tomorrow and say that it looks so good that he doesn't want to operate. Please join us in believing for that. If that happens, I will not go up there. If the doctor doesn't notice how great it looks before surgery, tomorrow, I will be heading up there tomorrow afternoon. The girls will stay here with Michael's mom. Michael can stay a few more days up there, so we would see what they are saying then.

Thank you all for your prayers. The Word is working!

I just want to share one other thing. I think I know why we are being attacked in this area. The last few weeks I have had many occasions to tell Kaedra's story. We have been getting nursing back and had to be re certified for that as well meeting the new nurse and telling her Kaedy's story. Something I have repeatedly said is: "We are so blessed that she has not had to go back into the hospital for any complications. She has been so healthy. We haven't had any hospital visits except for the operations. God is so good." (most other children with similar issues as Kaedra are quite sickly and hospitalized quite a bit) I believe that Satan is attacking us in this area because he is tired of me proclaiming God's goodness! I won't stop, though!! God IS good! ALL THE TIME! And HE will be glorified, even through this opportunity that Satan is trying to create. I will NOT stop singing His praises!!

And I will praise You in everything
And I will thank You for what You have done,
And I will fight the good fight
Til faith turns to sight
And I will run til the race is run. (David Ingles)

Have a blessed day!

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Susan said...


No Kahri, satan won't shut you up and the antagonists on my blog will not shut me up!!!WE ARE WELL ABLE. Yes I'm SHOUTING it.

... said...

God is good. and i pray that all goes well for Kaedra in the next couple of days. your faith is an inspiration to all. you, your husband and children will continue to be in my prayers.

Ruth said...

I'm so glad to hear your good reports. I will continue to pray that they get better and better. NO SURGERY!!! I will pray with you for this. Blessings to you all.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I'm so grateful everyone's prayers are being heard!

Beach Girl said...

Prayers will continue. We serve an awesome God no matter what the enemy tries to do. He can throw his darts, but they can not begin to pierce the armor we wear!