Friday, June 01, 2007

Update on Kaedra

They admitted Kaedra into the hospital up in Kansas City. We are not positive how long she will be in the hospital but it is looking like it will probably be at least the weekend. We have heard everything from a few weeks to 24 hours. Of course we are believing for 24 hours. :-)

Here are more facts about what is going on:
She fell in February and got a bruise and small opening over one of her titanium ribs. We were seeing the doctor for a few weeks about it and it improved so we got off of antibiotics and stopped seeing him weekly. The bruise did not disappear, however. When she went up there for her surgery last week they did not extend the rib that has the bruise on it because they were worried about how the skin looked. Yesterday I went to put some meds on her back and when I looked at the place that had the bruise it was a large (1" round) opening into her back that was very infected and angry looking. (it had been fine 24 hours earlier) I freaked out and called our doctor here in Tulsa. They said they could get us in today at 3:15. I asked them to have the doctor call me back immediately because I didn't know if I should take her to the hospital right away or how I should treat it at home. While waiting for him to call, the nurse from Kansas City just happened to call to check on Kaedra post-op. I told her about the area and she freaked out along with me. She asked that we take Kaedra up to KC right away. I asked if we could wait until this morning because I needed to find someone to watch my kids. Michael ended up calling his brother, Kevin, and they went up there again instead of me taking Ethan into the ICU with so much RSV still going around. This way we didn't need help with the kids either. Soooo those are the facts.

Here is the truth: (and the truth doesn't change)
Kaedra is the Body of Christ. She is redeemed from the curse, because Jesus bore her sicknesses and carried her diseases in His own body. By His stripes she is healed. We forbid any sickness or disease to operate in her body. Every organ, every tissue, every bone functions and is formed in the perfection in which God created it to function.

A few more tidbits: Kaedy bug is feeling great. I was on the phone with Michael and instead of talking to me, he was saying "Kaedra get over here, Kaedra get off of that, Kaedy come here, Kaedra PUT THAT DOWN," etc, etc. I know she will keep the nurses VERY busy in PICU. The surgeon hasn't seen her back yet so we haven't heard his input. Also, they did a culture on her back to see if it has MRSA and that will take 3 days to grow. It is looking likely that she will stay there until they get those results back. What we are REALLY praying against is a long hospital stay. For those that weren't readers of my blog almost 2 years ago, when she originally had her ribs implanted she had some skin breakdown and I had to stay with her in San Antonio for 28 days. I can't imagine that kind of stay again at all, much less with a 4 month old. We will, of course, do what has to be done. But right now that is pray and believe.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers.

Here is a video that my friend Melanie made for Kaedra last year. I like to watch it to see what God has already accomplished in her life. (if you look real close you can see Mickey and Susan in it too!)


Susan said...

Kahri - I'm so sorry to hear of this. We, as always, are standing with you in faith and belief that Kaedy IS HEALED. satan is going to get tired of this and give up!!!!!

Ruth said...

I will definitely be praying. I agree with your proclamation over Kaedra! I love the video (and even though I looked, I missed Susan and Mickey). I will stand with you about a quick hospital stay. I've been there and I know all about hosptial stays with kids. Bless you all!

Christa said...

Praying for rapid healing!

That's one happy girl you have there!

Sara said...

I'm praying over here too! I hope she is healthy and home very soon. I'm praying it is not MRSA because I know first hand the problems that little bugger can cause.

Mrs. O said...

I can see what an amazing spirit Kaedra has, it just radiates from her beautiful eyes.

She is blessed to have such a wonderful family to support her.
My prayers are with you all.

Momma Roar said...

What a special video Kahri! Know that we are still praying in PA!
Leigh Ann