Monday, June 25, 2007

Kaedra's IV update

Good news!!! Today when we called to make sure we were getting more penicillin delivered, the delivery company said they had found a better pump for her. WOOHOO!! They did a great job!

Here is the old pump system and the purse she had to wear or drag around all the time:

Here is the new system. We can put it in a little mesh bag they brought, too, and clip it to her clothes. (although if she does end up staying on this, I will probably crochet her a little bag)

Check out the difference:

I am so happy for her!! This is SO much easier!

We go to the Infectious Disease Doc tomorrow and we are still praying that he will say that the penicillin is not needed. Unfortunately, Kaedy is having some tummy problem with the penicillin and is not digesting her food. If he does want to keep us on the penicillin, she will have to go on another med to help her digest the food. For now we are feeding her pediasure 24 hours a day again. With no nurse tonight, you now know why I am staying up late. Might as well get another feed in before I head to bed floor.


Susan said...

So glad for the new pump system. Thanks for the pictures so I can better understand and see the difference.

I understand about the priorities Kahri. God bless you in this decision.

Mercy said...

Kahri, I just wanted to leave a quick note to say that it has been such a blessing to "watch" as you've gone through this time. With each step, you responded in faith. I am so glad to see that she has a new pump now! Thanks for inspiring me! :o)

... said...

that's great about the pump. i'm sure that's making kaedra happier. the smile in the picture shows what a strong and resilient (and cute :]) little girl she is.

you all remain in my prayers.

A&EMom said...

And NO BUTTONS! I have a toddler - the multitude of buttons would have her changing her dose every time my eyes wondered away!

Mrs. O said...

I can't remember, is she on acidophilus? It might help.

One of my boys ended up with gastroenteritis from his maintenance dose of penicillin. It's no fun, hope you find some relief from her tummy problems.

Christa said...

Probiotics! Give her a probiotic! It will help tremendously with the tummy issues. When #1 was on IV antibiotics (many times - but never for four months straight), it helped his tummy tremendously, and two weeks ago when #3 got a shot of rocefin and round of augmentin and #4 got a round of amoxicillan, I put the primadoophilus kids powder in their milk and it helped a lot. All poop returned to normal fairly quickly. You can buy it at Akins.

Sara said...

That pump is COOL! She's one lucky little gal. Hopefull the ID Doc will say there is no need for the antibiotics when you see him next and then there is no need at all! But if she needs it, they sure did a great job finding the one to best fit her needs!

Love the idea of of making a little bag for it. I would have loved someone to make me something to hold my tubes. I ended up the end off a sock and using that. I'm not that creatvie :) Well at least not when I'm sick!