Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yup, we are home.

All is well. We have to go back in 1 week. UGH. But things are looking up after that.

I will write more later and fill y'all in on the details. For now, I am outta here.

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The Zandi Zoo said...


Welcome HOME!!! We missed you!! (even though I am in CA.. lol)

Sorry I missed you today but I did get your messages and LOVED my birthday gift! Thank you so much!!!

Enjoy sleeping in your own bed!!!

Ruth said...

Oh, I am so glad you are home! Praise God!! {{BIG HUG}} as you try to rest and recover from this stressful time!

Christa said...


I'm so glad they let you go! There is nothing quite like that coming-home-from-a-medical-disaster-turned-miracle feeling. Enjoy your own home tonight!

Mrs. O said...

There is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. Unless it's sleeping in your own bed after enduring one of those hospital *beds*.

Susan said...

So glad you 4 are ALL back and all is well. Thanks for the call :o) Made me feel very special!! ((hugs))

Amelia Antwiler said...

And the Hallelujah chorus rises up from the blogosphere to welcome you home.

Sherria said...


Unknown said...


Welcome home!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Hooray! Welcome home ... prayers are answered!