Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KC Here we come, right back where we started from

We are headed up to KC again in the morning. Our first appointment is at 11:30 am so we are leaving about 7am. All the kids are going up with me. We were hoping Eeyore Emily would be able to stay here in Tulsa, but there was no one to watch her. Michael isn't coming up this time. We may stay overnight depending on whether I am sleepy or not. I am not good at driving long distances. I tend to fall asleep. Blessedly, I have Brittany with me with the sole intent of keeping Mommy awake. :-) We may have a room at the Ronald McDonald House, I have to call in the afternoon to see. That will also help my decision about whether to stay or not. Also, how long the appointments take.

Sorry this is so discombobulated, Ethan is fussing and I am trying to get this done quickly and without thinking! LOL

ps I posted a new post on my school blog.


Unknown said...

Expecting great reports!!

Praying for you guys!!

Mrs. O said...

I'm so greatful to only be an hour away from the hospital.

And don't be afraid to hit the Dr. Pepper if you need to stay awake;)

Susanne said...

I'll be praying, Sweet Sister!! Have a safe trip, and I will look forward to hearing a GREAT report when you return! ((HUGS))